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find my passion

Help Me Find My Passion

Let us help you find your calling in life. The area you are most passionate about!

make money doing what you love

Can I Make Money Doing What I Love?

You love to fish or cook or help people or travel… but how do you turn your interests into income?

create your own career

I Have an Idea – But Where Do I Begin?

You’re excited and overwhelmed at the same time. We can help…

African American business owner leaning on cafe counter

Work Outside the Job Box

What is the “job box” and how do you escape it? Let us explain more.


What Do I Do With My Life?

For seven years, I commuted 90 miles a day to a well-paying corporate job that paid the bills but did not feed my spirit.

Fresh Career Ideas

I Need A New Career

Why settle for a career change or a job change when what you really want is a new LIFE?

Businesswoman Listening to Cell Phone

I Need To Find Confidence

Life is too short to put off happiness until we have achieved our goal.

Successful business woman

Success Stories

Hear from some of our clients and past purchasers to see what people are saying about Changing Course.