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You Don’t Need a Lot of Money or
Tons of Free Time or
An Abundance of Courage
to Achieve "Right Livelihood"

What You Really NEED is a PLAN

Dear Change Seeker,

Perhaps you’ve heard about what the Buddhists refer to as "right livelihood."

Others call it simply, living the "good life" – not in the sense of financial riches but in doing what you want to do and living where you want to live.

You know you’re living the good life, says career counselor and best-selling author Barbara Sher when "you get up in the morning and can't wait to start all over again."

For you it might mean going for that total career change – from accountant to photographer, social worker to freelance writer, marketing manager to master gardener.

Here the good life is when your passion also pays your way.

Or perhaps it's about enjoying a better work life balance by working from home and being your own boss.

For me, having a life worth living is about all these things – and more.

My vision of the good life starts with the commitment to bring a certain intentionality to my life, to be an active participant instead of a mere observer.

And doing work that feeds my soul is absolutely central to the equation, as is working for myself.

My vision of the good life is reflected in the motto I chose for Changing Course: Live Life on Purpose, Work at What You Love, and Follow Your Own Road.

There are as many dreams as there are people. Few, though, harness their dream to a practical plan of action.

The catalyst for leaving my well paying corporate job to pursue my version of the good life was the sudden death of my mother. She was only 61.

It was a painful reminder of why I, you, all of us need to follow our dreams… and our heart.

That’s when I came across this quote by Henry David Thoreau…

“If you have built castles in the air,
your work needs not be lost;
there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them”

Over the past 17 years, I’ve worked with quite literally thousands of change seekers just like you.

I know what it takes to go from having a dream to actually living it.

And it’s not as complicated as you may think… that is if you have that foundation Thoreau spoke of in the form of your own personalized step-by-step plan.

You see I've discovered that getting from "there" to "here" comes down to a series of clearly identifiable steps:

  1. Get “The Point” If you miss this step, your plan is doomed. Yes, it’s that important!
  2. Get the Right Picture This step is a snap once you know how to put my signature “Life First-Work Second” approach to career planning to work for you.
  3. Get Clued Into Your Interests Don’t have a clue about what you love to do? Not after you finish this step!
  4. Get Unstuck What you learn in this step will forever free you from the needless fear and self-doubt that stands between you and your dream.
  5. Get Informed – The more you know about multiple income streams, nailing down the specific information YOU need to move on your dream, and the surprisingly good news about taxes – the faster you can change course!
  6. Get Real about Changing Course – Once you understand the myths and realities of being self-employed you’ll have the insight and the tools you need to make the kind of practical and highly personalized financial decisions fundamental to transitioning into your dream life.
  7. Get Ready to Take the Leap – You’ll be amazed at how many small things you can start doing while you’re still at your job-job to better position yourself for a more satisfying future.
  8. Get Support – You may get by with a little help from your friends… but when it comes to changing course, you’ll positively soar once you know where to look – and where NOT to look – for support for your dream.
  9. Get Going – This step is not just a pep-talk. Your Personal Planner includes 14 specific things you need to do to launch your plan, eliminate distractions, stay motivated and on course.
  10. Get Gratitude – John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.” Discover the essential role that gratitude and other living-in-the-now thinking plays in creating that richer, more satisfying future.

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Order Today and Get Instant, Digital Access to the
10 Steps to Escaping the Job World and
Creating the Life You Really Want

for ONLY $39!


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