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Whirlwind Trip to Arizona

My Dad is 82. No one should get to that age and not see the Grand Canyon.

So last week I took him and his lovely partner Leslie (I fixed them up!) on a whirlwind trip to Arizona.

We covered 706 miles in five days — Phoenix, Flagstaff, Sunset Crater National Monument, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and the revitalized mining town of Jerome.

I love nature but I totally fell in love with the metal art scattered throughout Old Scottsdale. Fortunately, this area was brought back to life after people all but abandoned the charm of small local shops for the sterile albeit air-conditioned malls.

The very best part was making the decision to totally unplug for the entire week. Liberation!

Okay towards the end there, I did upload one photo of my hiking trail in Sedona to Facebook. But that was it. And it felt great!

Afterward I had the great honor of being the keynote speaker at the YWCA North Central Indiana’s annual fundraiser. A whopping 500 people turned out to support their work with battered women and their children.

Sharing a laugh with another recipient, Indiana University Chancellor Una Mae Reck

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