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Issue 180

March 20, 2008

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Opportunity Knocks

Who Says You Can't Live Your Dreams? 

Special Announcement

2008 "Outside the Job Box" Career Consultant Training 

Featured Resource

From Food Stamps to Entrepreneurial Success

Guest Article

What Have You Learned Lately? By Barbara Winter

Upcoming Workshops and Teleclasses

  • Work at What You Love Workshop

  • Dream Maker Teleclass: A Conversation About Money and Prosperity

  • Travel to Ecuador this Spring and Learn How Easy it Can Be to Turn Your Vacation Snapshots into Cash… Plus Master Spanish in Just a Week!

  • "How to Become Joyfully Jobless" with Barbara Winter

The View From the Other Side

Resources for a Change

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Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact. ~ Henry James

Opportunity Knocks: Creative Ways to Make a Living Without A Job

Who Says You Can't Live Your Dreams?

Valerie and her wonder dog,
"Cokie Roberts"

By Valerie Young

Dreamers beware: for every dream there are 10 naysayers just waiting to dash it. It almost happened to Beverly Goodman Park. Park was close to 60 when her marriage ended. At an age when most people are contemplating retirement, Park decided to pursue a long-held dream of becoming an attorney. A lot of people told her she was too old. Undaunted, Park went to law school while working full-time, passed the bar exam, and at 61, landed a job at a law firm. Of her critics she says, "I thought this age stuff was baloney."

Walter Anderson, author of The Greatest Risk of All, says by the time we are in our 20s, we will have heard 25,000 "can’ts." Don’t expect a lot of support for your "foolish dreams." Instead, be prepared to reach deep within to turn "can’t" into "can." Here are two motivation-boosting tips to get you started:

Become the Future "You"

Dreams, by their very nature, are about the future. With so many present-day demands your dream can start to feel distant. The more far-off the goal, the less likely it is you will act on it.

How can you make sure your dream doesn’t fall prey to the out-of-sight, out-of-mind syndrome? By bringing it into the present. To do this you must become the future "you." Here’s how: The next time someone asks what you do for a living, try answering, not in terms of the present, but as if you were actively engaged in pursing your dream right this minute. In other words, squelch your pat "I’m an accountant/in sales/a social worker/a homemaker" response and instead try saying something like: "I’m an aspiring mystery writer," or "I’m looking into returning to school to become an oceanographer," or "I’m in the process of changing careers to pursue my love of gourmet cooking."

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t written a single page of your future bestseller, sent away for one college catalog, or lifted a finger to pursue your passion for cooking. What does matter is that the dream that once felt elusive will suddenly begin to feel real. And when that happens, you will be amazed at how much sooner you’ll get the change ball rolling. Before you know it, you will actually BE the future you!

Get Inspired

Someone who knows a lot about the power of "acting as if" is Steven Spielberg. Hoping to fulfill his filmmaking dreams, Spielberg explains that he snuck onto the lot of Universal Studios and became a "squatter" in an empty office. He even bought plastic letters to mount his name in the building directory. Security guards and exec’s alike thought the guy belonged there. His high jinks paid off. Spielberg’s first directorial break came when the studio bigwigs finally saw his first film and liked what they saw.

This and other success stories can be found in Mischief Marketing: How the Rich, Famous, & Successful Really Got Their Careers and Businesses Going. Author Ray Simon reveals how famous people as diverse as Mother Teresa, Duke Ellington, Andy Kaufman, rap artist Big Pun, and Benjamin Franklin really got started in life and how you can use their mischievous techniques to do the same.

As encouraging as success stories can be, learning about another’s failure can be just as inspiring. Did you know that Bob Dylan was booed off the stage at his high school talent show? Or that Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper job for "lacking ideas?" Or that Thomas Edison failed to perfect the light bulb until his ten-thousandth try? How many "can’ts" do you think these dreamers had to endure?

And when faced with a dream-buster, these "failure stories" can make great comebacks, too. Would Parks’ critics have been so quick to discourage had she pointed out that Grandma Moses didn’t start painting until she was 80 years-old and that, of her over 1,500 paintings, 25 percent were produced when she was past 100?

"Persistence," said Robert Half, "is what makes the impossible possible, the possible likely, and the likely definite." As anyone who has ever chased a dream will tell you, disappointment, self-doubt, and failure go with the territory. The trick is to recognize these setbacks for what they really are – bumps in the road, not the end of the road.

Publisher Katherine Graham said it well: "To love what you do and feel that it matters – how could anything be more fun?" This is your life we’re talking about here. So what are you waiting for? Catch a dream, have some fun and start turning can’t into can!

Add Your Two Cents

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About the Author

"Profiting From Your Passions" expert Valerie Young abandoned her corporate cubicle to become the Dreamer in Residence at offering resources to help you discover your life mission and live it. Her career change tips have been cited in Kiplinger's, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today Weekend, Woman's Day, and elsewhere and on-line at MSN, CareerBuilder, and An expert on the Impostor Syndrome, Valerie has spoken on the topic of How to Feel as Bright and Capable as Everyone Seems to Think You Are to such diverse organizations as Daimler Chrysler, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Harvard, and American Women in Radio and Television.

To read more articles about how to work at what you love without a job go to

If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.
~ Chinese Proverb

Featured Resource

Join Me this Spring…

And Over Five Extraordinary Days,
Discover How You Can Find Your Own Calling
by Helping Others Realize Theirs

2008 Certification & Training Summit

Become an "Outside the Job Box" Career Consultant
Northampton, Massachusetts
May 4-8, 2008

What could be more fun than sitting at home (or anywhere in the world really) and brainstorming with people over the telephone about creative ways they could make a living without a job − and actually getting paid to do it! Or running workshops on how to turn interests into income?

If you’re a creative thinker, are entrepreneurial, love to brainstorm, and want to get paid to do what comes naturally, then in a few short months, you could be running your own business as an "Outside the Job Box Career Consultant." I’ll show you how.

What if you had a chance to build a business like mine?

I really do make a living working for myself, doing what I love. A good living.

And you can, too -- by following in my footsteps.

People around the world are clamoring for the kind of help I provide. Without a doubt: There's plenty of room on this path.

Of course, the question you have to answer is: Is it the right path for you? Ask yourself…

  • Are you somebody who's always clipping out articles for friends and acquaintances? Always turning other people on to resources and alternatives they never knew existed?

  • Are you a creative problem-solver?

  • Do you instinctively jump in to help others?

  • Do you find yourself constantly thinking up potential business ideas?

Find your calling by helping others find theirs...If that describes you, then I bet people like talking to you…

Maybe they even seek you out. And why wouldn’t they? After all, thinking about creative ways to make a living without a "job-job" is something that just, well… comes naturally to you.

It does to me, too. So we already share that in common.

Now I'd like to show you how you can share in my success as well.

And I'd like to do it in a way that will help you get started faster and with more forward energy and confidence than you ever imagined.

A way for you to learn all the hard-won secrets I've discovered over the last decade. So you can launch a real business in less than a week… and be making money in less than a month.

  •  Learn how, step-by-step, to parlay your creative instincts and
    your curiosity into work you enjoy… and gain not just pleasure,
    but profits too…

  • "Power-Start" your new business with hand-holding from experts
    who really know their stuff. So you can avoid those rookie mistakes and be up-and-running fast… and in the right direction…

  • Forget "selling." Learn simple, low-cost and no-cost marketing techniques proven to attract a steady flow of paying clients…

  • Get the "Silver Platter Treatment"… everything you need to start making money in as little as three weeks…

The 2006 and 2007 Certification classes both sold out. The Spring 2008 program is going to be more personalized, more intense, and more immediately productive than anything else I've ever offered. It is also the only training I will run in 2008.

Registration and Special Savings are Happening NOW

Registration for the 300+ people on the First in Line advance notification list began this past Tuesday, March 18 at noon. The first registration came in within 30 minutes and kind of snow balled from there. There is a substantial early registration discount that is in effect until March 26th as well as a $300 Travel Credit Discount that ends Friday, March 21 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern.

I’ve also added two other creative ways you can afford to take advantage of this unique training and business start-up opportunity…

I was planning to foot the bill for your lodging and meals. But if you are local, have friends in the area, or are practiced in the art of traveling "on the cheap" you can take advantage of the "Pay for Your Own Stay" option (a $1,200 savings).

Already marketing and web site savvy? If what you really want is to take advantage of the Outside the Job Box career consulting skills/business training and tools only you may opt to forego the extensive web site assistance and 6-months of additional marketing and mentoring with a self-promotion and marketing expert and save yourself an additional $1,000.

Seats Are Limited

To learn more about whether the relaxed life of an Outside the Job Box Career Consultant or this Certification Summit is right for you – and to find out about these new ways to save even more – go

"This program is a great opportunity for anyone interested in helping others to change course. It’s something that can put you in business immediately after completion, if you choose. It’s fun, challenging and inspiring. I’m so excited about doing this and full of ideas. Thank you, thank you for giving me all the tools I need to get going." ~ Barbara


We all have ability. The difference is how we use it. ~ Stevie Wonder


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Special Announcement

From Food Stamps to Entrepreneurial Success

Valerie Young with Jeff Walker
Jeff Walker and Valerie Young

If you really are serious about wanting to look in the mirror and see the boss, then there's someone
I really want you to meet...

One of the very best ways to be an entrepreneur yourself is to learn from people who have done it themselves. That's why I really want you to meet marketing guru (and I'm happy to say new friend) Jeff Walker. Jeff not only introduced me to marketing techniques that have - and I am not exaggerating here - literally doubled my income, he also happens to be one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

Jeff is one of the only big "internet marketing gurus" I know who genuinely cares about the "little guy." I cannot remember a time when I’ve been chatting with Jeff at some conference or workshop when someone didn’t come up to say that his program changed their life. I’m talking about people with little business in the crafts market, pets, horse training…

One of his most inspiring success stories is about a guy named John who put his family in debt (we’re talking food stamps here) in his quest to make and market a board game. John was a success at making the game. It was the selling part that bombed. That is, until he met Jeff…

Over the years, Jeff has helped hundreds of regular people to launch small businesses in such diverse niches as health food, knitting, horse training, even business coaching in Poland. And, like you, the overwhelming majority had no previous marketing experience… and I do mean NONE.

I know you want to change course… preferably yesterday! That’s why I’m so excited to have a way for you to "meet" Jeff via a short talk he’s put together. In this talk he explains why you need to start thinking now about what it will take to succeed - even if you aren’t anywhere near starting your business… or having anything to sell. As you move through the video series he also shares more and more meaty content.

The case studies Jeff shares here, and in the follow up videos, are very real. I know because I’ve personally met and talked to dozens of people who have learned and prospered from Jeff as I have. These are people who have launched very successful small businesses and in a very short period of time were able to replace their salaries. This is not hype. It is fact.

You don’t need to enter your email address to watch the video. It’s free to watch. But you DO NEED to sign up to watch the follow up case studies, which Jeff tells me are even better than the first. If there is any doubt in your mind that it’s really possible to make good money doing work you enjoy, you really do need to watch and learn from my friend Jeff.

The first 1-2 minutes of the video may not make a lot of sense to you unless you’re already familiar with the people and world of internet marketing. But hang in there for some really inspiring "regular Joe and Joanne" make good stories.

Again I highly recommend you continue to watch and learn by signing up to view Jeff’s other case studies. I guarantee they will be eye-opening. Click here to meet Jeff now

P.S. Jeff is very upfront about the fact that he’d love you to buy his new product launch training program. I wish there was a way I could impress upon you how much what Jeff has to teach you could help you accelerate your path to entrepreneurial freedom. (Hey, the fact that I’m willing to put this horrible photo of myself out there should tell you that I’m raving fan!:-) ) But even if you ultimately decide not to make a purchase, I am confident that you will learn valuable information you can start using right away.

P.P.S. Don’t have a product or service yet? Drop an email to, and I will try to set you up with one, or perhaps a team of Outside the Job Career Consultants, to help you do a little creative brainstorming on how to turn your interests into one or more viable business ideas!


Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. ~ Ronald E. Osborn

Guest Article

What Have You Learned Lately?

By Barbara Winter

Every time I left my house, I used to see a poster near my front door that read, "It’s not where you’re’s where you’re coming from." While that might sound like a bit of leftover jargon from the sixties, it also bears a truth that touches us all. Any project, any goal, any relationship with which we’re involved is colored by what we bring to it.

For a long time, I’ve had a strong predilection for being around people who are positive, enthusiastic and creative. Somewhere along the way, I realized that those nurturing kinds of people would probably not show up in my life unless I was one myself. And so my personal quest began to become the person I wanted to hang out with. The quest isn’t over yet, but the things I’ve learned have been amazing. For example, how do ordinary people become life’s big winners?

One of the most interesting answers to that question came from author Robert G. Allen in his book, Creating Wealth. "The will to prepare to win is more important than the will to win. Preparing usually means doing those kinds of things that failures don’t like to do. It means studying and learning. It means reading books, going to seminars. It means not being afraid to corner experts and ask foolish questions."

Sometimes finding the time - or motivation - to keep learning seems to be a huge challenge. As busy adults, we may have forgotten to make Lifelong Learning a high priority. Or maybe we never had the benefit of a teacher like Rafe Esquith who helped us discover early on the joy of learning. I recently read his book

Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire and was wildly inspired by his story and the academic and creative wonders he consistently turns out. Esquith teaches fifth grade in Los Angeles. Most of his students come from immigrant homes where English is the second language. Nevertheless, in addition to performing well academically, all Esquith’s students learn to play a musical instrument and their annual Shakespearean performances have received national attention. What Esquith - and all great teachers - demonstrate is that the potential to soar resides within all of us, but it needs to be coaxed and nurtured. Happily, putting yourself in a roomful of others who are on the same journey can accelerate that process.

Brian Tracy, one of the leading authorities on personal achievement, makes this observation: "Increasing your knowledge and skills is like using high-octane fuel in your engine on your way to your destination...Unfortunately, for most people, their earning ability is a fixed, or even worse, depreciating asset. Because of this, most people just have a ‘job’ which stands for ‘just over broke.’"

So it’s probably no coincidence that the people who are the most Joyfully Jobless just happen to be Lifelong Learners as well. One of those folks was a woman named Donnie, but she didn’t start out with entrepreneurial ambition. Donnie Nair was a successful real estate salesperson who came to her success after being a housewife, mother and civil servant. Of those earlier years she said, "I was absolutely happy and had no ambition whatsoever."

So what unleashed this super saleswoman who continuously broke sales records? Donnie said it sneaked up on her when she was sitting in a Tom Hopkins Sales Seminar one day. "It was like a light went off in my head. I just knew he was talking about me. Success really was available to anyone who wanted it." Her business took off like a rocket. "It didn’t matter what goals I set for myself," she recalls. "I always surpassed them."

What set Donnie Nair apart from those who are less successful was her continuing effort to grow and learn. One evening she called me as she was driving to a class. I asked her what she was studying now and she said, "It might sound silly, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to sing so I’m in a class for beginners who can’t carry a tune in a bucket."

Socrates said, "Let him who would move the world, first move himself." With all the resources - the books, the seminars, the insights of others - available for a pittance, it makes no sense to skip the critical preparation stage. Because, in the final analysis, winning isn’t about what you have or even what you do.

Winning is about becoming the person you were meant to become, no matter how long and difficult that journey may be. So study and learn all you can. Take advantage of every resource you can find. You never know what might happen if you do. Like Donnie Nair, you could find yourself sitting in a roomful of strangers and suddenly meet yourself.

About the Author

Barbara J. Winter is a Las Vegas-based writer, speaker and enthusiastic fan of Changing Course. In addition to conducting seminars for the Joyfully Jobless, she also publishes the Winning Ways newsletter. Barbara is currently at work on a collection of stories from people who have made the transition from employee to entrepreneur. She'll be joining Valerie in Northampton, MA on April 11-12 for the annualWork at What You Love workshop. Visit Barbara online at

You're a doer, because you're prepared to make the necessary effort to translate your dream into action.~ Paul McCabe

Upcoming Workshops and Teleclasses

Work at What You Love:
The Life Changing Workshop for People Who Want to Quit Their Job and Work at What They Love

Discover How to Replace Your Job With Work You Really Love…
and Gain the Freedom, Flexibility and Quality of Life You Deserve

  • Find out how you can escape the J-O-B box… and uncover a whole new world of possibilities.

  • Tap your wildest dreams...and start making a plan to make them happen right now...

  • Discover the powerful secret to turning almost anything into an alternative to a J-O-B so you can transform your passion into your job...

  • Come away with the tools you need to create work – and a life – you really love.

  • Highly successful entrepreneurs do it instinctively. Now you can, too. Learn powerful, proven techniques for marketing your business without the fear of rejection.

Join "Outside the Job Box" expert Valerie Young and Barbara Winter, best-selling author of Making a Living Without a Job for what promises to be an extraordinary two days – filled with energy, enthusiasm, wisdom...and practical, life-changing know-how.

April 11-12, 2008
Northampton, Massachusetts
Click Here to Learn More

Meet the Panelists!

You will not want to miss learning from the fantastic line up on this year’s Inspiring Entrepreneurs panel…

  • Janine Fondon-Top is the founder of Unity First an African America newswire and TV, an online news service targeting the diverse community and media. Online at 

  • Susan Reimer-Torn combined her passion for life coaching with her interest in the healing benefits aromatherapy to create Scentient Beings. Susan has also formed a fascinating partnership with a San Francisco non-profit organization that teaches yoga to underserved kids. Online at

  • George Murphy is the host of a popular local public television program called "Making It Here." After interviewing literally hundreds of entrepreneurs George has gotten to see just what makes an inspired entrepreneur tick. And for any local entrepreneurs looking for your 15 minutes of fame, "Making it Here" producer David Fraser will also be on hand looking for the next inspired entrepreneur to feature on this show! Online at

  • Bud Allen is the long-time owner of a popular downtown whole foods store. For a taste of something different Bud recently added gourmet chocolatier to his entrepreneurial plate! Online at

  • Crystal Kane was inspired by her baby daughter to create and manufacture her line of baby bottle holders called Lily Bugs. Crystal’s creations were included in the $100,000 celebrity gift bags at the 2007 Emmy Awards. Online at

Plus Special Guest Katie Yeakle

Katie is the executive director of American Writers & Artists Inc. As the premier resource for mastering the lucrative skills of freelance copywriting and graphic design, AWAI offers you new skills that can lead to increased income … independence from the 9-5 grind … and the freedom to live and work where you choose. In addition to sharing some of her favorite real life "from j-o-b to freelance writer" success stories, Katie will talk about the three biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when promoting themselves and their businesses in writing… and how to avoid them. For people interested in learning more about AWAI programs from the "big cheese," Katie will also be on hand to host several Q&A discussions. Read my full reviews of these programs online at

A Conversation About Money and Prosperity

Fast Track Dream Maker Series

Join me as I tap two dynamic experts for their tips on what it takes to have and use money to support your dreams.

Maria Gamb, No More SabotageMaria Gamb, "The Anti-Sabotage Expert" coaches female entrepreneurs and other highly motivated professionals to overcome self sabotaging limiting beliefs about money, relationships and success, allowing them to live abundant and successful lives without boundaries. In her spare time she enjoys traveling the world and the pursuit of the perfect purse.

To receive Maria’s free checklist "89 Ways Women Sabotage Their Financial Success" go to

Kamin BellAuthor, life coach, and teacher Kamin Bell has successfully manifested careers, material possessions, and relationships. After stumbling financially she drew from her Christian faith to transform her relationship with money and in doing so changed her life. Today she is building a thriving speaking and writing business both within and beyond the Christian community. You don’t to be a person of any faith to benefit from Kamin’s work. Rather, she’s a great example of someone who has learned the value of finding what Barbara Winter calls your "natural monopoly." Learn more about Kamin and the many resources she has to offer at

This series is free to current members of the Fast Track Your Dream Community*. Non-members are welcome to attend for $19 with all proceeds going to the non-profit micro-grant organization**

Today, Thursday, March 20th
8:00-9:15pm Eastern Time


Travel to Ecuador this Spring and Learn How Easy it Can Be to Turn Your Vacation Snapshots into Cash… Plus Master Spanish in Just a Week!

Join us and you’ll:

  • EcuadorLearn how to take beautiful photographs in a dream setting with professional photographers Rich Wagner and Victor Englebert as your guides...

  • Explore and photograph colorful leather and craft markets...

  • Try out a Spanish immersion + "Super Thinking" program, geared to teach you Spanish in just days...

  • Capture breathtaking views of the Andes and local villages...

  • Plus, enjoy a relaxing soak in a healing thermal spa...

Hotel, some meals, and all adventure included. Get the details here:

"How to Become Joyfully Jobless" Teleclass Series hosted by Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter, author of Making a Living Without a Job

Barbara Winter

Learn what it takes to live the joyfully jobless life from the master − Barbara Winter, author of Making a Living Without a Job. A vivacious and wildly popular speaker, Barbara will address such topics as the power of multiple income streams… how to stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like an entrepreneur… why starting small is the smartest (and most profitable) way to launch your new enterprise… and much more.

Like mini-workshops, these monthly Joyfully Jobless Teleclasses are interactive, which means you get to ask questions and benefit from firsthand feedback from the woman I call the "Muse of Self-Bossing."

This series is free to current members of the Fast Track Your Dream Community*. Non-members are welcome to attend for $19 with all proceeds going to the non-profit micro-grant organization**

Wednesday, April 9th
Special Q & A Session
8:00-9:00pm Eastern Time

*To learn more about how you can fast track your dream of working at what you love - and get a two month membership FREE - go to

**A portion of all revenue from this Teleclass will go to support the entrepreneurial aspirations of impoverished people in the US and internationally via the micro-grant organization

Personal action is your pathway to success, even if it is a little bit at a time!
~ Catherine Pulsifer


The View From theOther Side

"I think human beings always like to see what's happening from the air."

~ David Ghysels,
co-founder of Dinner in the Sky ( a Belgium-based company that offers dinner prepared on-site by a gourmet chef high above the ground from a platform suspended from a crane. The cost for eight hours is about $11,444 - not including catering.



Resources for a Change

Ezine Marketing Teleclass
For years Alexandria Brown’s expertise in how to make money with online newsletters (known as ezines) made her known as the "Ezine Queen." Since then, Ali has greatly expanded her online marketing know-how into a wider range of trainings and products but the title has always stuck. I’m not sure what her new title will be, but I do know that she’s retiring the Ezine Queen title forever. But not until she runs her final Teleclass forever on ezine publishing. This two-part, content-rich Teleclass will cover such topics as how to get people to sign up for your ezine so you can grow your list faster, using ezines to increase sales and publicize your products or services, the best day of the week to publish, 5 ways to make money from an ezine, growing your business using email ethically, and more. This is a free Teleclass and the last one she will ever give on this topic. The two-part class will take place on March 25 & March 27 from 8:00-9:15pm Eastern. Learn more at

14th Annual Women’s Empowerment Expo
Each year this event attracts thousands of African American women (and men) for a day of "education, entertainment, and empowerment." Previous keynote speakers include Robin Roberts, Dr. Joyce Elders, Debbie Allen, and Queen Latifah. This year’s keynote is Patty LaBelle. If you are marketing to African American women this and similar events are a great place to network and offer seminars. The 2008 Expo is happening on March 29th in Raleigh, NC. (

Do You Know a Young Entrepreneur?
To salute its 60-year history, WHAM-O – inventor of the Frisbee and other toys – is searching for its next great toy idea from its most innovative and engaged audience – kids. The winner will receive $2,000 cash and profits from WHAM-O making and distributing their toy. The contest is open to U.S. Residents, ages 6–17. Learn more at

Note: Changing Course does not accept paid advertisements from any of the resources listed here. This list is provided to expand your thinking about just how many interesting ways there are to make a living without a job!