“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

George Eliot

Train to Become a Licensed
Profiting from Your Passions®
Career Coach

In Just 3 Days, You Can Master a
Powerful, Proven Coaching System
Developed by Best-selling Author
and Changing Course Founder
Dr. Valerie Young

Get paid to brainstorm using a proven coaching system that helps people identify ways to make money doing what they love

In a few short weeks, gain confidence in your ability
to successfully work with paying clients or workshop attendees

Learn simple, low- and no-cost marketing techniques
to attract your ideal client

Quickly launch yourself into a whole new career – and life – as a licensed Profiting from Your Passions® Career Coach

Dear "Outside the Box" Thinker,

You may not know it yet, but you and I have a lot in common…

  • You’re a creative problem solver who instinctively jumps in to help others...

  • You’re always turning other people on to resources and alternatives they never knew existed...

  • You’re constantly thinking up potential business ideas...

  • You love thinking creatively and "outside of the box"

That’s why people like talking to you. Maybe they even seek you out...

And why wouldn’t they? After all, thinking about creative ways to make a living without a "job-job" is something that for you just comes, well... naturally.

Perhaps you do have a coaching practice and are looking to add another specialty or income stream.

More than likely you’re not a coach. I say “probably” because most of the people who have attended this course have no prior coach training – nor as you’ll soon see, do you need to.

You never dreamed you could actually get paid to do something that doesn’t even feel like work.

That is until someone like me comes along and says, "Have you ever thought about earning income as a licensed Profiting from Your Passions® Career Coach?”  

If you love to brainstorm, help people, teach or do research – and you love the idea of helping people discover and create more meaningful lives doing work they truly love – then today might very well change your life.

That's because you are about to discover how to start your own coaching business or add more value to your current practice... and income in your pocket.

More Than Ever Before,
Clients Are Hungry For Work That Both
Pays The Bills And Feeds Their Soul...

Which is exactly why I took my seventeen years of experience serving people who want to "change course" and developed a proven coaching system to help your clients (and YOU!) earn money doing what comes naturally.

You may have followed me for years.

If not, if I could just take a moment to formally introduce myself...

My name is Dr. Valerie Young and I'm the Dreamer in Residence at ChangingCourse.com. Since 1995 I've built a reputation as a recognized expert in helping people turn their passions into profits so they can take the leap from having a boss to being their own boss.

The Changing Course Newsletter is read by over 24,000 people.

And because my business has been around since 1995 (and my site since ’98), Changing Course consistently ranks on the first page of Google.

I'm also considered an expert on something called the "impostor syndrome."

You may not have heard the term before but I bet you’re familiar with the nagging self-doubt that says, “If I can do it anyone can!” or “I was just lucky” or “I’m still waiting for the No Talent Police to show up and arrest me!”

Feelings that by the way are most likely to pop up whenever you embark on something new… like for instance changing careers or starting your own business.

If you struggle with self-confidence I assure you, you’re not alone.

Over the years I’ve spoken to over 60,000 people from such diverse organizations as Intel, Chrysler, Boeing, Procter & Gamble, Merck, American Women in Radio and Television, Society of Women Engineers, entrepreneurial centers across Canada, and over 60 major colleges and universities including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and Cal Tech.

In 2008 I landed a six-figure book deal with Crown Publishing/Random House for The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from the Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It.

I've also had the great privilege of working with some of the most inspiring and successful career change gurus around... best-selling authors Barbara Sher (Wishcraft, I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was, Refuse to Choose...) and Barbara Winter who wrote the book on multiple profit centers with her best-seller Making a Living Without a Job.

The three of us delivered a remarkable workshop and retreat I produced called Making Dreams Happen. The event sold-out and I made friends for life!

Barbara Winter, Valerie Young, Barbara Sher

Finally, my career change advice has been cited in major publications around the world in places like...

I'm not telling you this to impress you.

I'm telling you this because I want you to understand that something huge is happening that impacts you and your clients.

The World of Careers, Career Change,
And Career Planning Has Changed
The Media Gets It -- And So Do Your Clients

People whose jobs are being eliminated now realize that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by starting their own business. After all you can't fire yourself!

People in the early stages of retirement are looking for ways to earn some extra money. Even clients whose jobs are "secure" now realize the wisdom of starting some kind of small business on the side...

Little wonder that the Kauffman Foundation, the world's largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship, reports the number of people starting a business has continued to grow year after year. Notable among their findings is that:

  • Baby boomers aged 55 to 64 represent the most significant spike in people starting their own businesses both in the US (this is also true in Canada)

  • Increasing numbers of people in minority groups including Latinos, Asian American, and African Americans are jumping into self-employment

  • Other researchers found women of color starting businesses at 3-5 times the rate of other business owners

Even Suze Orman is sounding the alarm! In a recent interview with Piers Morgan she said,

"People are going to have to become entrepreneurial,
they're going to have to become their own bosses,
the day of working for a corporation,
you get a pension after 30 years and health benefits -- gone.

So, if you really want to be secure,
you're going to have to be your own boss...
[And] since the jobs aren't here
they have to create a job for themselves."

This trend toward self-bossing is international. I've personally coached clients from Pakistan, Kenya, the UK, Australia, Spain, Uruguay and the United Arab Emirates.

This vast hunger for both meaning and money is the reason why Gary Vaynerchuk's book Crush It: Why Now Is The Best Time to Cash In On Your Passion became an instant New York Times best-seller.

Let's face it. People are no longer willing to choose between having a job and having a life.

Your future clients want both meaning and money.

Up until now only a lucky few got to have it all -- satisfying work, freedom, and flexibility.

All of that is changing.

Gary's own rise from a home-based wine reviewer to being a phenomenon commanding a $50,000 a day consulting fee proves that the global economy, coupled with the power of the internet and social media, has made the usual financial barriers to entry into entrepreneurship all but vanish.

Now it seems everyone wants to "cash in on their passion."

But they need help. That’s where you come in.

In a Matter of Weeks
You Could Be Well On Your Way to
Earning Money Helping Your Clients
Discover Creative Ways to
Profit From Their Passions...

In 2006 I created the Profiting From Your Passions® Career Coach System.

It is the first and ONLY entrepreneurial-oriented career coaching training system to hand you a proven blueprint to working with clients who want to turn their interests into income.

You get everything you need to be able to offer private coaching, group coaching, or workshops to show entrepreneurially-inclined people viable ways for them to make money doing what they love.

This hunger for more meaningful work and for more control over one's life and time is truly universal.

To date, over 250 people have taken this program from all over the world...

Students from Singapore, Kenya, Norway, Israel, Switzerland, Australia, the UK, Italy, Barbados, Trinidad, even Kazakhstan.

They’ve learned how to create a profitable add-on income stream to their existing coaching business or launch themselves into a whole new first-time business.

Without a doubt: There's plenty of room on this path.

All you need is someone to show you how.

The need is real. When I surveyed my own readers to find out their greatest challenges I learned that

  • 26.7% don't yet know what their passion is, and

  • 21.7% have so many interests that they can't decide

You might think that just because a client knows what he or she loves to do, they'd be all set. Right? Wrong!

Of those who know what they love to do, a whopping 89.3% said they have no idea how to monetize these interests.

Do You Hear What I Hear?
It's The Sound Of Opportunity Knocking!

This presents tremendous opportunities for coaches who are trained specifically in how to guide clients toward viable options for making money doing what they love.

Already a Life or Career Coach?

The Profiting From Your Passions® Career Coach program gives you an easy-to-use (and fun) visioning and brainstorming formula you can apply to instantly see ways your client can turn his or her love for adventure travel, reading, yoga, knitting, dogs... into a viable source of income.

Helping your clients to come up with one or more money making ideas is just the beginning. Your clients still need help turning their ideas into action.

Top challenges cited by my own readers include:

  • Procrastination 80.3%

  • Analysis paralysis 78%

  • Lack of confidence 78%

  • Fear of failure 72.9%

Since you’re a coach then you already have the skills to help clients navigate just these kinds of issues.

That’s good news.

Because given the choice, 76.7% of my readers said they prefer to work with a coach who can not only help them see ways they can profit from their passions, but who can provide them with the on-going coaching they need to stay on track.

This need presents tremendous business growth potential for you. The key is to understand what these clients need most and how to help.

Before I go on, let me be clear. You do NOT need any previous coaching training to do this work. What you do need is a keen interest in thinking outside the job box.

"How is This Different Than Other
Career Coaching Programs?"

I love this question!

Because, before you can decide whether this is the right coaching path for you, you need to understand the difference between helping someone who wants to profit from their passion and traditional career coaching.

The #1 thing you need to know is that this training program has NOTHING whatsoever to do with skills assessments or personality profiles, job searches, resumes, interviews, or otherwise helping people make a career change within the traditional world of employment.

To the contrary...

The Profiting From Your Passions® System is based on a unique 7-step clarifying, coaching protocol I design specifically to use with those clients who want to make a living without a job.

Why do you need a specific coaching model solely for people who want to do their own thing? Simple.

Traditional career counseling is primarily about helping the client make a career change within the world of employment. Fundamentally it's a process of matching a client's skills and interests to an occupation.

For a lot of people the skills matching technique works great. But it doesn't work for everyone for two reasons:

1)   Just because you're good at something doesn't mean you love
to do it.

I'm good at typing and mowing the lawn... but do I love it? Nope.

That's why when I ask a client how she or he ended up being an unhappy engineer or accountant or human resources manager, they always say the same thing: "Well, everybody said I was good at X
so I should go into Y."

2) Traditional career counseling tends to operate within the bounds of familiar occupations.

If someone loves to travel... or write... or wants to work with disadvantaged kids, he or she will probably be presented with occupations like travel agent, journalist, or social worker.

But what if a client came to you and said,

"I Am Passionate About Healthy Food For Dogs...
But I Also Love Speaking And Traveling.
And I Want To Be My Own Boss and Work From Home.
What Have You Got For Me?"

I've actually put this same question to half a dozen college career counselors – one of whom was the director of a university career center.

Every one of these classically trained career advisors was stumped. Perhaps you are too.

Let me be clear. If you are already a traditional career coach, I have no doubt that you are excellent at what you do.

You know how to use the Labor Department's Occupational Handbook. You understand the Strong Campbell Interest Inventory. You know the Meyers Briggs Personality Type Indicator. All great tools.

But if you are like 99 percent of employment-based career counselors, then no one ever showed you how to work with clients who want to break out of the job box. No one showed you how to introduce a client to things like continuity income or how to quickly create a track record or credibility in a new market.

"I have been doing career coaching for ten years and Valerie has a unique approach and she has some of the pieces I didn't have... and I wanted to use get the creative pieces [Valerie has]. It's awesome. I have a PhD in adult education and I know when I see good training, and this is good training." 
~ Ann Ronan, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Michelle Harmon"This course is perfect for someone who wants to harness their power of ideation. Often people can't see what is in front of them. This course offers the opportunity to shape a business around helping others help themselves and have fun with the brainstorming process." ~ Michelle Harmon, Richmond, NY

But as a Licensed Profiting From Your Passions® Career Coach, you would know exactly how to help this client.

That's because this program is designed to give you both the training and the tools to take a client's interest in anything from gardening, art, civil war history, the environment… and immediately see one or many viable income streams.

You also get the know-how to be able to direct a client to the resources she or he needs to take their goal to the next level.

In other words, you get everything you need to give your clients the ideas, information, and advice they need to get out of the grind of working for someone else and to turn their interests into real income.

Once You’re Licensed to Use the Proven
"Profiting From Your Passions®" System,
You'll Understand Why I Say
Your Earnings Are Limited
Only By Your Own Imagination

When you sign up to be a Profiting From Your Passions® Career Coach, you'll learn how to ask one simple question that will shift your client from having a passion to actually profiting from their passion!

Again, the money part of "do what you love and the money will follow" is covered in great detail in the course.

Right now what I want you to understand is that most people think about the money source WAY too narrowly. Like you, when your clients think about generating income they probably think only in terms of prospective clients or customers.

But the way to get at the "hidden money" is to learn how to think beyond the obvious client market. Again using this very coaching specialty as an example…

Ask Yourself: Who Else Has An Interest Or Stake In Helping Individuals Or Groups Address Career Issues?

It could be an employer or contractor, sponsor, partner, collaborator, promoter, patron, advertiser, or referrer from any one of these places or groups...

 College Career Centers

 Entrepreneurial programs

 Adult education programs

 Alumni associations

 Parents of college grads who have
     still not found their calling

 Financial planners


 Outplacement firms

 Government agencies

The opportunities don't stop here.

Remember, you are serving people who want to be self-employed. So the other way to come at the question, "Who wants what I have?" is to ask:

Who Has A Vested Interest In Helping, Serving, Or Encouraging Small Business Owners?

For instance...

  • Years ago I partnered with a local bank that had an interest in developing relationships with small business owners. They not only let me use their conference room to lead a weekly seminar – they advertised it for me too! (Sweet!)

  • Chambers of Commerce looking to help their members grow their businesses

  • Corporate sponsors like UPS, Constant Contact, and American Express are open to ways to support initiatives like conferences, webinars, contests, and other ways to get their brand in front of entrepreneurs

I'm really just scratching the surface here.

Get Paid to Help
Clients Who Already Own A Business...

The Profiting From Your Passion coaching model also works beautifully with clients who already have businesses.

After all, even the most capable business owners miss additional profit centers that are right in front of them. A perfect example is a woman named Gay Hughes.


Gay's dream was to open a tea room. But she knew she couldn't afford the sky-high Boston-area rents.

So Gay came up with the novel idea for Gay Grace Traveling Tea Room!

A few years ago, I pulled together a team of Profiting From Your Passions® Career Coaches to do a brainstorming session with Gay.

In less than an hour they'd come up with over a dozen practical ways for Gay to profit from her passion even more. All they had to do was apply what they'd learned in this training program.

When you register for this course, you’ll get to listen and learn from the session we did with Grace and another brainstorming session we did for (of all things), a struggling worm farmer.

Once you master this simple but powerful process you will be able to recognize income-generating opportunities that most people, even those with existing businesses, simply miss.

If you're not providing these kinds of practical solutions to your own business-owner clients, you're leaving money on the table too.

But you and I both know it’s not all about the money. Katherine Graham was right when she said,

"To Do What You Love,
And To Feel Like It Matters.
What Could Be More Fun?"

One of the first things you’ll learn when you sign on to become a Profiting From Your Passion® Career Coach is my Life First – Work Second Approach to Career Planning.

It has to do with making sure that you design a business that passes what I call the “Life Test.”

When there’s synergy between the work you want to do and the life you want you live, there are still more ways to generate income…

Take me for example. I love my home with the view. I could sit and gaze out at the cows in the adjoining pasture for hours.

But I also miss working with people more directly.

So after holding dozens of workshops in large impersonal hotel ballrooms I decided to work with small groups in my home.

People from as far away as Mexico, Quebec, Alaska, Hawaii, and Texas have paid up to $2,000 to attend a Profiting From Your Passions® Retreat and Workshop in my home in rural Western Massachusetts.

Then last in 2010 seven change seekers joined me for my first international workshop retreat in Ecuador. You can’t go to South America and sit in a seminar room all day.

So half the day was dedicated to learning, to discussing, to brainstorming, and finally to creating a personal plan for turning one or more interests into income. The other half was spent engaging our other senses by touring the local area.

I had a blast and I felt like I'd changed lives in the process. The entire experience captured something Katherine Graham said, which was: "To do what you love, and to feel like it matters. What could be more fun?"

I love what Coco Channel said:

"There Are People Who Have Money and
There Are People Who Are Rich."

There are lots of ways to be rich. One is to be rich in experiences.

For example, a few years ago I was invited to speak at a seminar for people who wanted to learn about travel writing and travel photography... in Paris!

I not only got the chance to meet and hang out with fascinating people from all over the world, but I spent five fabulous days in the City of Light.

Then a year later I got another invitation. This time from International Living magazine. They wanted me to speak at a conference in Panama for people who want to live abroad.

Why would International Living magazine want a Profiting From Your Passion Career Coach to speak at their conference? Simple. As a non-citizen, it's next to impossible to legally get a job in another country. But starting a small business is relatively easy.

Ex pats are a great niche. Other Profiting From Your Passions® coaches are actively working with niche markets like:


Retiring military personnel


Military spouses who need a portable income


Hollywood directors, producers, actors, and technicians needing flexible ways to make money between gigs


"Recovering" attorneys

You see your creativity is the fuel that will make you -- and your clients' -- money. When you get right down to it... it's all about putting the power of "multiple income streams" to work for you.

Really, the question you should be asking is not how much money can I make. The real question is, "How much money do I have to lose by not adding Profiting From Your Passion Career Coaching to my current practice?

With the Right Training and Tools
You Can Help More People and
Attract More Paying Clients Right Away

Launching your exciting new career as a licensed Profiting From Your Passions® Career Coach comes down to this simple equation:

The Right Training
The Right Tools

Here’s an overview of each of these three components.

The Right Training

This is live instructor-led training that includes over 25 hours of training delivered personally by me.

For your convenience, you will also have access to previously recorded webinars of the program so can go back and listen again anytime you want.

The class will cover three key areas:

1.      Career Consulting Skills and Techniques

2.      Process and Operations, and

3.      Marketing and Attracting Clients

The Profiting From Your Passions® Formula Guide

Registration in this course includes a license to use my 7 step coaching process proven to help clients identify their passions and then discover ways to monetize them.

In addition to instruction from me, the entire coaching protocol is also laid out in this easy to follow written manual that includes worksheets and additional tools to boost your skills and confidence.

Your registration includes a license to use my 7 step coaching process proven to help clients identify their passions and then discover ways to monetize them.

The skills and techniques portion of the training is where you master this process.

It’s called the Profiting from Your Passions® Formula and it includes key concepts and practices like:

  • Making sure whatever ideas you come up with passes the all-important “life test” by using my Life First-Work Second Approach to Career Planning©
  • Seeing often unrecognized "assets" that are sitting right under a client’s nose that can be readily turned into income
  • How to be an "Opportunity Detective" -- including the 5 places to look for ideas for income streams
  • The 5 forms income streams can take
  • Knowing how to look beyond the most obvious sources of income so your client can tap into the real money potential
  • Where and how to find the resources your clients need to move ahead
  • Techniques for handling client fears, resistance, and "bad thinking" – like “I need to find an idea that is totally new and unique”
  • How to help clients who want to pursue a passion when they have absolutely no experience or track record – techniques you can easily apply to yourself!

In a nutshell... this course will prepare you to take a client's interests and point them to the resources they need to turn a particular interest into a successful small business.

The coaching system you’ll receive is easily adaptable to a range of formats. You could offer a single 90-minute session as I do.

Or if you prefer to step back and reflect between sessions you can easily break it up into two 45 minute sessions, or three 1-hour sessions.

Or you can simply integrate the process a natural extension of your own custom designed multi-week/month coaching package.

That's the beauty of this coaching system.

Once you learn it, it's infinitely adaptable to your preferred coaching style.

By the end of this training you will leave with total confidence in your ability to do this work.

You'll Learn How to Work With Clients So You Know What To Do Before, During, and After

Once you have a firm knowledge of the Profiting from Your Passions® Formula we’ll turn to how to work with clients.

This part of the training will be extensive and will include...

  • How to add value to your consultations and begin helping your clients literally in the first five minutes.

  • How to use the client's pre-work to prepare for the coaching session to allow you to more quickly zoom in on promising profit centers

  • How to increase your confidence and effectiveness by generating a list of client questions days before you even meet. I’m not talking about cookie cutter questions. I mean questions that are unique to each client’s gifts and interests.

  • Subtle, but important flags that tell you that a client is settling for less than they really want… and deserve.

  • Specific ways to help a client who lacks the self-confidence to act on their dream and overcome feeling like an "impostor"

  • Amazingly simple yet powerful ways to turn seemingly unrelated things you’ve somehow just "picked up" in your life into pivotal learning moments for your clients

  • 25 invaluable things I "just happen to know" that I've used to change people's lives again and again... things you are welcome to "steal"

  • 10 ways to help your clients stop procrastinating so they can act on their dream

  • The one thing you absolutely must tell your clients about fear

  • How to quickly find key resources that can help your clients turn dreams into reality

  • Specific techniques you can use to help your client develop expertise and a track record even when they have zero experience or training

  • The one simple question that can significantly widen income generating opportunities for your clients (and yourself!) I can't emphasize enough the impact these four little words can have on expanding opportunities and generating significantly far more income

The Marketing “Know-How”
You Need To Attract Clients
and Grow Your Practice

Being a great career consultant won’t mean much if you don’t have any clients.

That’s why the final phase of this program is dedicated to showing you how to market yourself and otherwise attract clients – even if you hate "selling."

You’ll learn how to create what my friend Barbara Winter calls your own "Natural Monopoly." Once you understand this brilliant "non-marketing" marketing concept you will banish any fear of marketing – or rejection – forever.

Plus the course covers:


How to find and attract clients who want what you have to offer


Creative ways to get the word out about your practice with little or no money


Self-promotion techniques that work even if you are an introvert


How to establish a track record when you have zero experience


Learn a powerful 30-second response to the question "What do you do?" that's guaranteed to pique interest and referrals


Why you don’t need an online business to find paying clients


How to get a professionally-designed website designed for free


How to get radio producers begging you for interviews


How to partner with well-respected (and often overlooked) local businesses with a direct stake in sponsoring and promoting your workshops

Keep in mind too that many of the marketing essentials you’ll learn are strategies you can easily pass along to your clients.

The live training from me is only one part of what you receive.

To get you up to speed (and earning more money) quickly you also receive additional resources that you can refer to long after the live training is complete.

Learn By Example With "Live" Recordings of 10 Actual Client Sessions

I'm a big believer in learning by example.

One reason the people who have trained with me come off sounding like a total pro in their very first coaching session is they had the benefit of learning from 10 Client Case Study Recordings. These are full-length recordings of me working with real clients and they are included as part of the course.

You get to be a "fly on the wall" to listen in as I work with actual clients. It's your chance to experience first-hand the Profiting from Your Passion Formula in action.

This is not to say you can't interject your own "style." In fact I encourage it!

It's why I included one recorded session in which one piece of information the client assumed to be totally irrelevant (but I knew instantly was not) prompted me to go totally "off script" – with amazing results!

Written Transcripts of all 10 Client Case Studies

I know some people learn better by reading. So I also had all the recordings transcribed in case you want to go back and read something later.

If you prefer to learn by reading and highlighting, you'll find these 300+ pages an invaluable resource. Plus I created a special tool to make sure you get the maximum learning value out of each case study.


“Listening And Learning From
These Live Client Sessions Is
Guaranteed To Rapidly
Accelerate Your Progression
From Gifted Helper to Paid Coach”

Let me be very clear. These are not staged role plays.

These are real clients who ask real questions and leave with real advice – advice you can easily use with your own clients. You'll even get to see the exact pre-work each client sent to me prior to our coaching session.

That way, before you ever listen to how I conducted the session, you can practice prepping with the client's assignment, just as you would if they were your own client.

Being able to both read the client's pre-work and then listen to the live coaching session where I use that information to connect the dots for the client will drastically cut your learning curve.

Some of the recordings will surprise you. Like the client who has a passion for real estate investing. Here's the rub – he's totally blind! (Wait until you hear the idea I came up with for him.)

Then there's the session I ended after just 10 minutes. Why? Because I "knew" just from reading this particular client's pre-assignment what she should be doing. And my attitude is why waste her money or my time?

I don't mean to brag. But the fact of the matter is over the years I really have perfected this "formula" for helping people see how they can turn their interests into income. And I am only too happy to share it with you.

To shorten the learning curve and start earning money faster, you'll get the benefit of hearing me follow this formula to a "T."

The Right Tools

It’s often the little things that hang up new business owners.

That’s when you train to become a licensed Profiting from Your Passions® Career Coach you’ll also receive the essential business start up tools you need to get you up and running faster.

In your business start up kit you’ll find a complete set of sample talking points, email templates, and forms. 

These talking points came about because new coaches kept saying, “Just tell me what to say.”

So I did – word for word.

As part of your training you receive a “script” you can use when a prospective client calls to quickly and easily get them to say yes to working with you

You’ll also get a script that covers the best way to kick off and wrap up each consulting session

And to make sure everything flows, you get my recommended session agenda complete with a Coaching Session Agenda "Cheat Sheet" and working script.

It doesn’t make sense for you to waste your time re-inventing the wheel.

That’s why the course also includes templates of emails to clients communication such as:

  • Appointment confirmation email to send to your client once you book the appointment

  • Follow-up email after the consulting session

  • Client testimonial request email

  • Replies to service inquiries

As well as handy forms like:

  • Client Intake Form

  • Audio Taping Release Form

  • And more all at the push of a button.

All scripts, forms, and email templates are in a format that you can easily modify to fit your practice and voice.

There’s another essential tool you’ll receive as part of this training.

Your License Gives You Exclusive Usage Rights to Use Finding Your Calling As Your Clients "Pre-Work" for One Full Year

The printed version of this book is available on Amazon for $24.95.

As a Licensed Profiting From Your Passions® Career Coach you have permission to offer each of your career clients their own password-protected access to a complimentary copy of the electronic version of my 100+ page book, Finding Your Calling: The Handbook for People Who Still Don't Know What They Want to Be When They Grow Up.

Plus you get all the instructions on how to use this eBook as the ideal pre-work to help your clients prepare for their consulting session. That way your client -- and YOU -- have all the key information you need for a successful visualizing and idea generation session.

For the entire first year of your business you can use Finding Your Calling with as many of your paying clients as you like, as often as you like. Having a tool like this available any time you need it is a great way to kick off your new business.

Should you want to continue to license Finding Your Calling with your clients after the first year, you may do so for an additional 12 months at the incredibly modest cost of only $29 per month.

What I just described is the Intensive Basic Training – intensive because you get everything you need in a compressed 16 hour training period.

If you:

  • Already have an established coaching practice and are adding Profiting from Your Passions® coaching as an additional offering…

  • Are taking this course as a staff member/employee of a university or other career counseling center…

  • Or, if you’re simply a self-starter who wants to take the ball and run with it…

Then this Intensive Basic Training will give you everything you need to help a client see practical ways they can make money doing what they love.

"This is an incredible value! I expect to earn the amount I spent on the course within 2-3 months.

The content was more than I could have asked for and I truly believe that it has prepared me to start working with clients right away. From this training I have gained the know-how to do this as a livelihood and I really think I’ll be able to help more people now that I have a structure to work with.

If you love learning/reading/talking about entrepreneurs who are making a living at work they love, this course is for you! You’ll be able to do what you love and help other people achieve the same satisfaction with their livelihoods." 
~ Brenda Stowe, Concord, NC
"One word -- PRICELESS!

From the coaching formula to all of business start-up info, this stuff is priceless! You have created a brilliant formula for, like you said, changing people’s lives.

I am grateful to have found you and purchased this program. I am forever an ambassador of all you do and hope to have more opportunities to learn from all your fabulous wisdom."  ~ Kristy Jones, Chicago Ridge, IL

I Also Know How Important It Is To Start
Earning Income As Quickly As Possible

That's why if you are new to self-employment, you have the option to upgrade from the Basic Intensive to a fast-track program.

It's called the "Inner Circle." And in addition to additional training opportunities and resources it also offers you an additional level of access to me and connection with other coaches.

Inner Circle Members receive all of the above, but they will ALSO receive much more…

Profiting From Your Passion Website & Marketing Guide

This comprehensive 150+ page guide will give you concrete advice and guidelines for describing this new coaching specialty on your Website or Blog.

To make it as easy as possible to get started you also get cut and paste "What to say" marketing copy written by a professional copywriter.

This alone will save you the $2,000-$5,000 you’d pay a good professional copywriter.

This resource also includes a list of invaluable marketing resources to get you earning even faster.

When you upgrade to the Inner Circle you also receive additional marketing training from two of the world’s top marketing experts.

Widely recognized as one of the world's top creative marketing experts Marcia excels at turning words and ideas into money.

She is the author of a whopping 11 books including 6 Steps to Free Publicity, Persuading on Paper, Website Marketing Makeover, Internet Marketing for Less than $500/Year and Freelance Writing for Magazines & Newspapers, a Book of the Month Club selection.

When you enroll in the Inner Circle you’ll also get to listen and learn from another top marketing pro.

Ilise Benun is the founder of Marketing Mentor and author of four books Self Promotion Online, Designing Websites for Every Audience and Public Relations For Dummies.

An expert in helping solopreneurs on a budget, from Ilise you’ll learn "Low Cost Ways to Promote Yourself and Your Business."

Together these audios from Marcia and Ilise give you a full 3 hours of non-stop marketing advice. Again, that’s on top of the marketing training you’ll receive from me in the Basic course.

“I’m the Kind of Person Who
Thrives on Human Connection.”

If that sounds like you, then tapping into a higher level of support and community just makes sense.

You aren't just gaining a new coaching specialty – you are gaining a vibrant and supportive coach community.

As a member of the Profiting From Your Passions® Coaches Inner Circle you have the opportunity to attend live meet-ups with like-minded souls

In the past I've hosted intimate gatherings of coaches for cook outs, brunches and other coach meet-ups held in my home.

These kinds of personal connections have forged powerful friendships and collaborations. More than four years later, many of these coaches continue to meet and talk regularly.

You don't have to attend live meet-ups to regularly connect with other coaches or with me...

Monthly Access to Me

As a member of the Inner Circle version of the Profiting From Your Passions® Career Coach you automatically have the opportunity to check in with me every month on special Coach-Only Q & A calls.

This is where you can:

  • Ask specific questions about the course, key concepts, or materials

  • Brainstorm marketing niches

  • Get my opinion on marketing ideas 

  • Get feedback from me and the group

If you can't make the call, simply email your question in advance and I'll cover it on the call. And of course all calls are recorded so you can download and listen to them at your convenience.

I Am Going to Do Everything I Can
to Give You the Confidence to Get
Your First Paying Client As Fast As Possible

One reason why people fail is they try to learn on their own. Then they get overwhelmed or they lose their nerve and they quit before ever even starting.

That’s not going to happen here.

After you’ve gone through the class and gotten the hang of the consulting techniques, I’m going to provide structured opportunities for you to practice your new skills.

To make sure you master the Profiting from Your Passions® process quickly and easily, Inner Circle members have access to two additional study and practice options.

For one, you’ll have the option to participate in a small Tele-study group with other students going through the program.

That way you can review, discuss, and learn from all of the client case studies without having to integrate them all on your own.

This is also your chance to work 1-1 with another student to practice doing a client intake or conducting an entire mock laser brainstorming session.

There’s more.

When it comes to learning something new you have to “use it or lose it.”

The people who get clients faster are the people who start using their new found knowledge and skills as quickly as possible.

You could go out and get practice clients on your own. In fact, I actively encourage you to do just that.

I also know human nature. And this is an important step that can all too easily be added to the “I’ll get to it” list.

Time goes by and your skills get rusty and you start to lose your confidence.

Not this time.

"I’m excited to share with you that I have successfully completed my first Profiting From Your Passions career counseling session. My client is extremely happy and satisfied with the business idea, together we generated.

Wanted to thank you for the know-how you have created to enable people live life of their dreams."  ~ Sanchita Grover, India

I Have Total Confidence in the Quality
of the Training You Will Receive.
So Much So That
I’m Willing To Go Out On A Big Limb for You

Some 24,000 people subscribe to my newsletter.

Once the study groups are done, I will be promoting the opportunity for my readers to schedule a free consulting appointment with someone from my new crack team of Profiting from Your Passions® Career Coaches.

Working with practice clients will give you valuable experience.

But it will give you something else as well... experience and credibility.

That’s because after your session, your practice client will receive a follow-up evaluation from me. On it will be the opportunity to talk about you and how they benefited from the session.

That means you’ll have your first client testimonial that you can proudly place on your website or other marketing materials. Evidence that you indeed do have experience!

It would be impossible for me to "guarantee" I’ll be able to generate clients for you.

But I can promise that I will try my hardest to generate initial business for you – business that all begins with that first successful client session.

As a member of the Inner Circle, you are also signing up to leverage my contacts to help grow your business.

I’ve had the chance to mastermind with people like Carrie Wilkerson (aka “The Barefoot Executive”) and Bernadette Doyle.

And I’ve had the privilege of working with the straight-talking business success coach and friend Suzanne Evans (More about Suzanne in a moment).

Plus I've had the pleasure of working or networking with some of the most successful marketing experts on the planet. People like (clockwise) Yanik Silver, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ali Brown, Mari Smith, Jeff Walker, Ryan Lee, and Andrew Locke.

I even had the chance to attend an intimate roundtable discussion with the legendary social entrepreneur, billionaire Sir Richard Branson.

When I told Branson I was training career coaches to work with people who want to create their own job his exact words were…

“I think what you’re doing is
absolutely brilliant Valerie!”

Sir Richard Branson

I'm not telling you about my high powered connections to impress you.

Nor is this all about the money.

This is about making sure that you understand that when you opt into Inner Circle version of the Profiting From Your Profits® Career Coach training, you are getting more than a comprehensive training program.

You are gaining access to other people’s brains – access designed to help you succeed.

For example, in the past two years alone I've created four different opportunities for my coaches to attend pricey marketing seminars. These are the same seminars others paid as much as $3,500 to attend – but because they are in the Inner Circle, I got them in for FREE.

Here are some photos of coaches who attended Ryan Lee’s marketing conferences from 2008-2011.

At Yanik Silver's Underground Marketing Seminar 6, three lucky coaches got the chance to learn from and network with some of the most successful internet entrepreneurs on the planet! And as on-site "Idea Detectives" it was a win-win for everyone!

Trench-coated coaches at Yanik Silver's Underground Marketing 6
in Washington, DC get into the "spy theme"

They not only received invaluable marketing training for free, they also got the opportunity to meet potential paying clients. And when you upgrade to the Inner Circle you can too.

For strarters...

I Snagged You a Guest Pass
to Marketing Powerhouse
Suzanne Evans’ Live 3-Day Training

This marketing training event is called Be the Change.

And when you attend next April 25-28, 2013 in Orlando, Florida you’ll join me and 600 other coaches, health practitioners, authors, and other entrepreneurs in the helping or healing fields.

Many like you are starting out.

They come together to learn marketing strategies from someone who in a few short years, went from being a secretary to growing a company generating $2.4 million.

Once you get to know and learn from Suzanne Evans, you’ll understand why her company made the 2012 Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America. (Search her name for details!)

She has a reputation for being a straight-talking, no-excuses business development coach.

Suzanne’s brilliance is showing people how to help more people and to make a good living doing it.

Once you visit www.BetheChangeEvent.com and watch the video I guarantee you will want to move heaven and earth to be there.

Here are some photos from a coach meet up at the Be the Change 2010 and again last spring.


Coaches at Suzanne Evan's "Be The Change" marketing event in Florida


As a member of the Inner Circle, your registration is free.

All Suzanne’s team requires is a $197 deposit which will be refunded when you arrive at the event in Orlando.

Two things I need to make clear about these special guest passes. The first is that every year is going to be different.

Meaning there is no way I can promise what kind of opportunities I will be able to create for coaches in the future. What I can promise is that whenever I work with high-profile contacts, I will always keep your interests in mind.


I Totally Get That Not Everyone Can
Travel To Live Events -- Even Free Ones

That's why I instituted the requirement that those who are able to attend a live event share what they learned with other coaches via a recorded roundtable discussion.

These invaluable recordings are automatically available to you as a member of the Inner Circle. You see...

You're Not Just Learning a New Specialty,
You're Tapping into the Collective Wealth of a
Whole New "Tribe" of Kindred Spirits

If you choose to upgrade your registration to the Complete Profiting From Your Profits Career Coach System PLUS the Inner Circle, then the moment you register you will have the opportunity to meet and network with coaches from all over the world at the password protected Inner Circle Networking Site.

This is where you can go to:


Join small Tele-study and Mastermind groups with other coaches


Collaborate with other coaches to co-create seminars, information products, or other business-building activities

The Comfort of Knowing You Can Tap Into
An Endless Flow of Ideas For Your Clients!

The Profiting From Your Passions®Inner Circle Networking Site is where Steve Coxsey goes when he needs ideas.

One of Steve's client had a powerful passion for adventure travel. The client was about to embark on a cross-country bike ride and Steve needed ideas for sponsors and other ways his client could generate income both to fund his trip and along the way.

Over the next few days eight coaches, including me, jumped in to help! Here's a much abbreviated synopsis of their posts:

Catherine suggested Steve's client take a page out of the play book of the authors of Walk Across America who sold the idea to National Geographic magazine who fronted the money in advance.

In addition to selling ad space on a blog, Craig also recommended Steve's client put sponsors' logos on his bike and luggage. Craig also came up with a way the client could charge others to be a tour guide along the way. 

Tony chimed in from the UK to suggest ways Steve's client could profit from creating a photo journal as well as some ideas for generating money doing various seasonal jobs working in the great outdoors.

Bonnie P. suggested ways Steve's client could work with a local newspaper to provide a series of articles about his adventures. She also saw opportunities to work with local TV stations to submit short video interviews or travel segments along the way.

The idea of a video blog got technology lover Rich excited! He offered Steve's client some helpful recommendations for high quality but inexpensive video cameras as well as a useful app for filing a story from a smart phone. Rich also kicked in half a dozen additional sponsor ideas.

Bonnie came up with the idea of tying the trip to a charitable cause and offered numerous ways to make this work.

Jillian threw in the novel idea of going directly to cycling enthusiasts for small cash donations, a portion of which could be donated to a charity that provides free bikes to people in developing countries.

And I tossed in a few "how to" resources too. For instance:

  • To help Steve's client find his voice, I suggested a neat book called "Naked Lens: Video Blogging & Video Journaling to Reclaim the YOU in YouTube."

  • I also encouraged him to check out a wonderful step-by-step guide I feature on my "Cool Jobs" page at ChangingCourse.com on how to set up and lead tours for profit

  • I turned him onto the Adventure Travel Association

  • And told him about a very cool web site where artists, inventors and others can go to raise money for their projects.

A very appreciative Steve got some great ideas for his client. And a very lucky client got a far bit closer to realizing his dream of being able to profit from his passion. All because of a caring and generous coach community.

"It's so fun to bring a question to this group and see what happens!"  ~ Steve Coxsey
"The forum is great for support - if you find yourself getting stuck just post about it.  In no time you'll have someone to help you get re-started.  Have fun!"
~ Bonnie Taylor Wachowicz
"The appreciation I have for this community is hard to fully articulate. For starters, here I don't feel like an outcast for having such a curvy career path (corporate copywriter, hospice chaplain, park ranger, and some other twists). Here, being a multi-faceted renaissance soul is a celebrated norm, and I love the way that positive shift feels. I'm excited to journey with you and the rest of our PFYP family in that fiery mission." ~ Erika Harris

When you join the Coaches Inner Circle, the Profiting From Your Passions® Social Networking Site is just one way you will be supported. There's more...

Being "Seen and Heard" Just Got Easier!

By now I hope you see that I go out of my way to leverage my relationships to help you grow your practice. That also includes my media contacts.

Thanks to my referral, a participant who attended my 2008 live training was featured in Psychology Today magazine. They even sent a photographer to do a photo shoot! How cool is that!

There's more. Every week dozens of people -- most of them coaches -- contact me about reprinting their article in the Changing Course Newsletter. Why wouldn't they? With a subscriber list of 23,000 they know they'll be getting a lot of exposure!

Obviously my first priority is to my readers. So anything I include in my newsletter must add value to their lives in some way.

That said, when you choose to upgrade to the Profiting From Your Passions® Coaches Inner Circle, any qualified guest articles you submit for inclusion in the Changing Course Newsletter will automatically have priority status. One reprint alone can result in a sizable bump to your own mailing list!

"Of all the programs and courses I have purchased, there is no one who continues to deliver more than promised well after the program is over like Valerie..."
Glenna Bailey, Chandler, AZ 

The Bottom line: I am committed to your success and constantly looking for ways to support you in building your business.

I hope I've done a good job explaining how powerful this course really is. But I don't want my voice to be the only one you hear. As the Sufi Philosopher Rumi wrote...

"When Setting Out on a Journey,
Never Consult Someone
Who Has Never Left Home."

Here, in their own words, is a small sampling of course graduates talking about their experience taking the Profiting From Your Passions® Career Coach Training.

Note: Don't be surprised if you hear many refer to it as the "Outside of the Job Box" or "Creative Career Coach Certification Program" as it was previously known.

Kathleen Baer
Sandy Springs, GA

Patricia Robertson
Philadelphia, PA

Steve Coxsey
Southlake, TX

Nancy Ward
Los Angeles, CA

Karen Washington-Heck
Tulsa, OK


"What Is My Investment
To Launch Myself into This
Whole New Business – and Life?"

Your investment to become a Licensed Profiting From Your Passions® Career Coach is surprisingly low. Especially when you consider that there are no royalties to be paid on any future business you conduct.

When you consider everything in this training, I could easily charge upwards of $5,000. And quite honestly, in the relatively near future – I will be raising the price.

But it won’t cost you anywhere near that much.

"I’ve invested in other marketing specific training and feel this is the most bang-for-the-buck to date. Thank you. Right place, right time, right opportunity. Now I have tools to help guide my advancing work.”
Bob Ogilvy, Los Angeles, CA
"A great value at twice the price. There’s no fluff anywhere! About a thousand pages of text in the material, almost 4 pads of different colored post-it notes flagging important information, and two jam-packed days later, I have never been so excited about a class. This weekend changed my life inspired me AND my family. It’s clear that a tremendous amount of work went into this program and I am so grateful. Thank you!”
~ Elke Ridenour, Brentwood, TN
"You truly continue to over-deliver... My business is steadily growing and I can see a huge leap about to occur as I launch another "profit center" thanks to your materials, classes and leadership! You really have put together a package that works. Keep up the great work and inspiration!"
Teresa Proudlove, Vernon, BC

I want to make this special training and business opportunity as affordable as possible.

So instead of paying the whole amount up front, I've set up a special installment plan. Naturally that involves a modest administration fee, but it makes it more doable for people on a budget.

Learn In-Person from Dr. Valerie Young
and Your Fellow Participants in a
3 Day Intensive "Profiting From Your Passions®"
Career Coach Training Class

Friday, January 25th 10:00-6:00,
Saturday, January 26th 9:00-6:00,
Sunday, January 27th 9:00-4:00

You have the opportunity to train in person from Dr. Valerie Young and learn along with fellow participants. A combination of lecture, small group, and individual exercises this is the perfect option for people who thrive in a live group setting.

More than just a workshop, this is an extraordinary networking opportunity. You’ll meet other creative thinkers who can help you along your path.

These are the kinds of connections that would take you months – maybe years – to make on your own. But over three days in January, you’ll have a chance to gather the critical knowledge and skills you need to really catapult you from where you are today… to where you wan to be.

Don’t forget to leave room in your suitcase. Because you'll be leaving this training not only with a concrete plan to reinvent your life with your new business, but with hard copy versions of all training manuals and all Client Case Studies on CD. Altogether, these materials are valued at more than $900—that's nearly one-third the price of the on-site training—but they are yours with your registration.


25 hours of training with me delivered in person


The Profiting From Your Passions® Formula Guide - Hardcopy


Exclusive Usage Rights to Use "Finding Your Calling" As Your Clients Pre-Work for 1 Full Year


Learn By Example With "Live" Recordings of 10 Actual Client Sessions


Written Transcripts of all 10 Client Case Study CDs - Hardcopy


Working With Clients Step-By-Step Guide: What To Do Before, During, and After the Coaching Session - Hardcopy


Customizable Business Operations Templates on CD

Includes all of the above PLUS A COMPLIMENTARY UPGRADE TO THE INNER CIRCLE with all of the following:


Participate in a small 12-week Tele- or Skype-study group and support team. Teams begin immediately following the Weekend Intensive so you can start practicing your new skills right away with a peer group who wants you to succeed as much as you do!


Practice clients including client testimonials you can use to establish confidence for yourself and credibility with your future clients


Profiting From Your Passion Website & Marketing Guide – Includes the exact words to put on your blog or website so you can get moving right away


"The Top 5 Best and Fastest Ways to Promote Your Business" CD   


"Low Cost Ways to Promote Yourself and Your Business" CD   


Inner Circle Coaches-Only Live Meet Ups   


Inner Circle Coaches-Only Monthly Group Q & A Calls with Valerie Young    


Inner Circle Coaches-Only Opportunity to Leverage Valerie's Contacts to Attend Marketing Seminars and Otherwise Grow Your Business – Including Suzanne Evan’s Be the Change Event!


Inner Circle Coaches Only Password-Protected Social Networking Site   


Inner Circle Coaches Only Opportunity for Your Value-Added Articles to Appear in the Changing Course Newsletter Read by Over 24,000 Career Changers Around the World

3 More Resources
to Jump-Start Your Business
Worth Over $1,200

Get a huge head start on leading your own workshops or webinars with a complete set of Profiting From Your Passions® Powerpoint™ visuals – a $997 value

Complete Making Dreams Happen audio program with Barbara Sher, Barbara Winter, and Valerie Young. All 23 recordings are fully download so you can listen right away – a $147 value

10 Steps to Escaping the Job World and Creating the Life You Really Want Personal Planner Workbook and Audio – a $59 value

Now that you've seen how much training, tools, and support you get, I think you'll be surprised at how affordable it is to train to launch your new career as a licensed Profiting from Your Passions® Career Coach.

The registration fee is just $3,497 which includes complimentary membership in the Inner Circle. Or launch your new career with $997 down and 3 easy payments of just $866 or a convenient 6-month payment plan of just $450.

The on-site course includes intensive, interactive class sessions on a proven coaching protocol you can use to work with paying clients or workshop attendee as well as a complete set of business start-up forms. At the conclusion of the course, you will be fully licensed to use the Profiting from Your Passions® in your practice. Throughout the course you'll have an opportunity to learn from and ask questions of expert Dr. Valerie Young.

SPECIAL Early Bird Pricing
Save $500!

What's more, when you register early—on or before January16th—you'll save a full $500. So you'll pay just $2,997!

Attend the entire 25-HOUR LIVE ON-SITE class with Dr. Valerie Young in Stamford, CT including license, recordings of the complete Webinar training, plus hard copy versions of all class and business-start up materials, plus additional resources valued at $1,200 PLUS Free Access to all of the advantages of being a member of the Inner Circle for only $2,997. Or launch your new career with $997 down and 3 easy payments of just $715 or a convenient 6-month payment plan of just $375.

Register by December 21st and  Receive
3 Additional Fast Acting Bonuses

To truly help your clients -- and yourself -- to succeed, you need to be informed.

That's why when you register on or before December 21st you'll not only benefit from the Early Bird Savings of up to $500 but you'll ALSO receive these three invaluable additions to your new Profiting From Your Passions® Coaching Library:

In Crush It: Why Now is The Best Time to Cash In On Your Passion Gary Vaynerchuk explains how anyone, anywhere can tap into the power of social media and blogging to monetize virtually any passion from fly fishing to Smurfs®!
With Barbara Sher's best-seller Refuse to Choose you'll learn about so-called "scanners" -- people who have so many different interests and gifts they perpetually jump from one idea to the next never completing any. You'll also gain insight into the different scanner types including strategies for dealing with scanner procrastination that are specific to each.
And from my book, The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from The Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive In Spite of It you'll discover why so many bright capable women -- and men -- hold back out of needless self-doubt and how to gain confidence, overcome fear of failure, redefine success on your own terms so you can finally see yourself as the competent, intelligent person you really are.

But you must register before December 21st!

Together these books represent a $63 value.
But when you register by December 21st they are yours FREE!

Seats are limited, so I encourage you to reserve your place today. We expect this program to sell out quickly. To register, sign up here or call (800) 267-6388 today.

There simply is no better value to accelerate you establishing a whole new coaching income stream.

"I can't recommend this program enough... Valerie offers not only the inspiration to help you realize your own calling and jumpstart your own "created career" but she hands you the keys to the kingdom — all the practical tools to get your consultancy up and running, handing down her invaluable expertise and tried and true methods along the way. She trains you to see what others may not, helping to guide your clients to life changing a-ha moments. Don't miss this opportunity – I'll always be grateful I didn't!"
Susan Baker, North Hollywood, CA
"I have nothing but praise for Valerie, her model, the comprehensive program and materials she has developed. She and they will prepare you to become the coach you dream of being and to turn your Passions into Profits... as well as those of your clients."
Stephen Wright, Kendalia, TX
"I have bought my share of programs and self study courses. This is the only one that actually has EVERYTHING I need to operate a consulting business. I was looking for a "real" consulting model and this has it."  ~ Bonnie Taylor Wachowicz

The people who sign on to do this kind of work are special people. They understand how essential it is for people to heed their calling. Perhaps like them you feel called to do this work as well.

It gets back to that issue of meaning. I love this quote from a woman named Nora Watson In Studs Turkels book, Working. She said:

"I Think Most Of Us Are
Looking For A Calling, Not A Job.
Most Of Us, Like The Assembly Line Worker,
Have Jobs That Are Too Small For Our Spirit."

My Personal Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that this course will give you the proven process, the tools, and the confidence to serve your clients as a Passion into Profits® Career Coach that I’m willing to personally guarantee it.

If by the end of the Day One you believe the training has not lived up to its promise, all you need to do is return the course materials you received along with your signed Non-Disclosure Agreement and you will be issued a prompt refund.

In other words, I’m taking all of the risk, so YOU have everything to gain (including a whole new career – and life) – and nothing to lose.

P.S. You know it's true what Goethe said,

"At The Moment Of Commitment
The Entire Universe Conspires To Assist You."

You and I are witnessing a powerful shift... a shift from searching for a job... to the relentless pursuit to find one's passion. A shift from a single-minded focus on turning a profit... to a burning desire to make money doing what you love.

If you feel called to do this work, I urge you not to miss this chance.


Changing Course is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Career & Outplacement Counseling in Montague MA

(Your order will be processed over Secure Servers)

Payment Processing

*If you genuinely plan to use this program to make a difference in other people's lives -- and your own -- please don't let money be a barrier. If you need an adjusted payment plan call me directly at 413-367-0222 Eastern Time.

Or call (800) 267-6388 today!

"I tell you I am so happy with the course. I believe you have gone out of your way to make certain the course is beneficial for each of us, and we "launch" with a working knowledge of your material. I have so many ideas buzzing in my head on how to put this information to practical use!"
Charla Swift, Dodge City, KS

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