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"Outside the Job Box" Career Consultants

Note from Valerie:

I am both thrilled and proud to introduce you to some of the incredibly talented people who have successfully completed my Outside the Job Box Career Expert Certification program. Having personally worked with each one of these experienced career consultants, I recommend them whole-heartedly.

What led these consultants to this calling was a passionate commitment to helping people like you to create more meaningful, balanced lives working at what you love. Each one has a real gift for seeing how you can take your love for travel or horses or jewelry or working with teens or just about anything... and turn it into a viable business idea. And, while I may have given them the training and the tools they needed to help you to think outside of the job box, each of these dynamic consultants brings to their consulting sessions a world of unique life and work experiences -- all of which can only benefit you.

These consultants won't talk to you about skills assessments, resumes, interviews or any of the other stuff of standard career counseling... In fact, if you want to go the traditional 9-to-5 job route, they will be more than happy to refer you to a more traditional career counselor.

Individual consulting styles, specialties, and consulting session options vary by consultant. I encourage you to read through each consultant description, visit their web sites, and then contact the consultant or consultants who seem like the best fit for you and your unique needs. I guarantee that working with an Outside the Job Box Career Expert will be the best investment you ever made in yourself and in your dreams.

To your dreams,

Valerie Young, Dreamer in Residence,

NOTE: This list is sorted alphabetically by last name.

Judith Albright
Create Work U Love

Judith Albright is an Out of the Job Box™ career counselor in Fort Collins, CO, and is a 2009 graduate of Valerie Young's Creative Career Consultant Program. She is also an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and MTT (Meridian Tapping Techniques practitioner and an advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator who specializes in helping people get past the "stuck" places in their life and start living the life they have always dreamed of.

Not only does she help her clients identify their ideal lifestyle and create interesting and imaginative ways to support it financially, she helps them overcome their fears and other emotional roadblocks that would prevent them from moving forward to achieve their goals. Judith has been a refugee from the corporate world for many years, and is walking her talk by doing for herself what she enthusiastically helps others do. For more information about Judith and her work visit or give her a call at 970/218-8643.

"Judith has an uncanny ability to look at skills, talents and interests, whether they generate money or not, and make creative and realistic suggestions for career options. I was continuously amazed at the new and fresh ideas she presented that were both flexible and exciting. It was wonderful to have the advantage her creative smart objectivity, and the depth and wealth of her personal experience and wisdom, which contributed so much to our sessions." ~ Zoe Rabinowitz, Longmont, CO

Susan Baker
The Escape Hatcher

Susan M. Baker is the Escape Hatcher who helps her clients figure out what they really want to be doing and then how to do it by hatching their Escape Plans one dream at a time! She is a 2006 graduate of Valerie Young's Creative Career Consultant program and believes that the third of your life you dedicate to supporting yourself should energize, not drain you and never feel like work.

Susan also specializes in helping creative people see themselves as entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurially minded see themselves as creative. The two go hand in hand in creating revenue trees with multiple branches that will thrive. Her experience as a Producer, Development Executive and Theatre Company Owner in the entertainment industry for the last 20 years gives her the unique perspective and combined experience to understand the intersection of art and commerce. Escape Hatcher offers one-on-one consultations, the Escape Hatcher Program, individual tailored sessions and workshops. You can find Escape Hatcher at:,, 323/954-1188.

"With Susan's passion for life and passion for people, it's no surprise her business is helping people hatch their own passions to create viable revenue streams. Within a half hour, Susan had pulled a business idea and name out of me. By the end of the session I was ready to plan a website, devise a marketing plan - open the hatch! Henry David Thoreau once said "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." Susan has both the imagination to see all the possibilities on the horizon, as well as the knowledge to put together a realistic plan to bring them to fruition -- making the impossibles - probables."
~ Sue Black, Pen Literary Winner, Writer/Producer "State of Emergency" (HBO), Owner "Write on a Dime"

Lynn Burkholder
The Corporate Escape Coach

Lynn Burkholder, The Corporate Escape CoachLynn Burkholder is The Corporate Escape Coach. Her specialty is helping women free themselves from corporate mediocrity and become fully expressed in their career and their life. She is a 2006 graduate of Valerie Young's Creative Career Consultant program and she is also a Coach and a Certified Yoga Instructor.

Lynn has been a corporate refugee for 10 years and has never looked back. She has diligently worked at building a life on her own terms in spite of many obstacles and loves to help others do the same. You can currently find her and a full bio at

"Working with Lynn has been a FANTASTIC experience. She's warm, funny and intuitive. She gets right to the 'core' of your issues and comes up with wonderful, concrete, creative ideas to get you going in the direction of your passion. I literally would have spent years trying to discover these ideas on my own."
~ Stevie Grayson, Calgary, Alberta

Lynne Etheredge
Life's Work Inspired

Lynne Etheredge firmly believes that doing the work you love and living an inspired and creative life no matter what you do for a living is essential. She is a graduate of Valerie Young's Outside-the-Job-Box Career Certification course and now, as Inspiration Coordinator and Joy Facilitator, helps others to follow their bliss through Outside-the-Job Box career consultations and workshops as well as How Much Joy Can You Stand workshops.

Maybe you feel the desire to create the lifestyle of your dreams and break out of your cubicle. Maybe you want to do work that is more meaningful to you. Maybe you want to make a career out of one of your passions. If you want more out of your work and life but don't know where to start or even what you want to do, visit Lynne's Web site at or her Facebook page, Or call 512-699-4286.

Kate Fessler

Kate Fessler is a recent corporate escapee who knows how hard it can be to leave behind a "velvet rut" and take the leap from employee to entrepreneur. Following years of feeling that there had to be more to life and exploring different alternatives to her "job-job," Kate finally found her calling as an Outside the Job Box Career Consultant and Coach. She specializes in helping people who are inspired to define their own success and who are seeking more meaningful and rewarding work. Kate will be your guide on all or part of this exciting journey, brainstorming ideas and recommending next steps, providing resources, and keeping you on track through your transition. Kate is now living the life of her dreams, and through her consulting and coaching practice is thrilled to be able to help others Awaken to the possibilities, Aspire to create work they love, and Achieve the life of their dreams! To find out more about Kate and her philosophy, see her website at or blog at, email her at, or give her a call at 206-579-4562. She's waiting to help you make your dreams a reality!

"Kate gave me some really good ideas and different ways to look at possible income from my new business venture. She had obviously really taken the time to read through my homework assignments (including my very lengthy text about my situation and dreams) and also put a lot of thought into what might work for me. I got the feeling she really cares about whether I succeed or not."
~ Cattie Coyle, Boston, MA

Eileen Hebert
True Calling Careers

Eileen Hebert, True Calling CareersEileen Hebert believes that you are most successful when you follow your heart, discover your true calling and work at what you love. Eileen specialized in inspiring and empowering her clients through the discovery, launch and marketing of their new business venture. Eileen provides you with step by step resources and personal support because your success is her business! Visit for a Free report today or call Eileen at (360) 299-9800.

"Eileen was pleasant, professional and thorough
and she listened to where I was coming from and
what I want in life.
" ~ Kate, Boise, ID

Karen Heck
Give Yourself Power

Karen Heck, Give Yourself PowerKaren Heck is retired from the United States Air Force (USAF) and working on other's jobs and is happily working for herself doing what she loves. Karen is a graduate of Valerie Young's Outside-The-Job-Box Career Certification Course and she's here to be of service to you! Her goal is to help you start the path of finding what you truly love, encouraging you to take the necessary steps, and giving you the right information, direction, guidance, and support to work at what you love and are gifted at and make money through various income streams.

So what's holding you back from having the life you long for? Maybe the idea of stepping out on your own is scary. Maybe you just don't know where to start. Or maybe you really don't know what would make your heart sing. If this is you then you can go to her website at to read more about her, her services, and find out how to schedule a free 15 minute intake to see if she is the right creative career consultant for you.

"Karen was genuine and seemed very interested in helping me. I expected some good ideas and I got them. I also expected ways to attract visitors to my website and I got those also." ~ Phil McMillan, Omaha, NE

Jane Kirsch
Life and Work By Design

Jane Kirsch, Life and Work by DesignJane Kirsch is the resident writer, speaker and workshop presenter for Life and Work by Design -- her consulting service for folks over 50 who want to plan their transition from career to their second act. Her optimism and enthusiasm for positive living are contagious. LWBD currently offers a free e-newsletter (Livin' and Workin' My Way), 6 -week workshops called What's Next? Don't Retire; Re-Inspire! and a variety of individual consulting services. You can learn more at

"Jane has re-framed the interests and passions in my life into realistic avenues of potential revenue - generating activities. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I have a new found confidence that I am totally capable of finally making positive changes in my life!"
Tom Boshell, Perkasie, PA

Rosalyn Lang
Creative Career Lab

Rosalyn Lang is a mother, Idea Transformer and a Outside the Job Box Career Consultant that enjoys hearing her clients answer the question "What do you want your life to look like"? This question along with the Changing Course Formula helps clients first to envision their ideal life, identify their skills and interests, and then to analyze the feasibility of various business opportunities.

This process has proven to be highly effective (and even inspiring) for individuals who want their own business but are unsure of the type of business to start. When her clients clarify their ideal life first, they automatically eliminate many potential business missteps and ensure that the business they do choose not only meets the needs of the marketplace but is also a good fit for their temperament, working style, skills and interests.

You can learn more about Rosalyn's consulting services at or give her a call at (919) 286-4347.

"The suggestions and references (online resources) that Rosalyn provided were fabulous! As the call progressed, ideas took shape in my own mind for how some of the interests could be tied together into a specific niche that would work for me." ~ Shannon, Alberta, Canada

Debbi Macfarlane-Clayton

Debbi Macfarlane-Clayton unlocks your passion for life again. Understanding the source to finding zeal in every day Debbi shares with you the difference between just surviving and living a life filled with joy, peace and purpose. Since escaping her cradle, Debbi has been an avid student of potentiality. She continual looks for, listens to and studies some of the greatest mentors in leadership, sales, customer service and personal growth. While trapped in a Dilbert world for a worldwide training organization, Debbi completed Valerie Young's Out Of The Box Career Consultant program, which inspired Debbi to ignite reKindle U.

Debbi has an authentic passion to inspire audiences to take charge of their lives, provide them with transformational ideas and design for their success, and motivate them to create the life of their dreams. From planning a dream vacation to helping people live every day with purpose and passion, Debbi is dedicated to reminding people what it feels like to make the best mud pies at any age. Learn more about Debbi at or contact her directly via phone at 801/647-3527.

"Having someone else believe that you can do something - whether or not you've considered it before - really helps. Support is very hard to come by and I really appreciated the feeling that Debbi believed I could actually do something and be good at it."
~ Donna, Shreveport, LA

Jennifer Manlowe, PhD, CPC

Jennifer Manlowe, (PhD, CPC) is an award-winning writer and author of over seven books. She is also a Certified Publishing Coach (CPC) and an experienced Content Editor with over 20 years of experience helping people to write books from the inside out. Her joy is supporting writers to find their voice and go public!

Clients who work with Jennifer aspire to write in many different ways: a book, an Ebook, an Ezine, an online article, or even start a blog.

Because Jennifer draws from many years of writing, publishing, and marketing books, she takes pleasure converting years of experience for your creative unfolding. Jennifer says, "Quite frankly, I believe that each of us has a book inside that is just waiting to be bornand bragged aboutjust like any child we might adore. I say, why wait? I'm the person you can trust to pull this baby out of you so you can share it with the world!"

For more information about Jennifer or to set up a free sample session with her, visit or give her a call at 206.617.8832.

"Jennifer offered me the most unique creative-writing exercises. She helped me to move from stuck to unstuck... Our work together rekindled hope, trust,
and confidence in my own unique ability to see a
"third way" for writing. And it's even clearer now that
I don't have to do this alone. What a refreshing approach to completing all of my goals.
~ Kate, Social Worker in San Francisco

Michèle M. Meagher
Your Next Quest

Michèle M. Meagher, Your Next QuestAs a graduate of Valerie Young's Out of the Job Box training, Michèle M. Meagher is an idea sparker who works with "now it's my time women" - women in their 40s-60s - who wish to explore how they can live lives they love.

Michèle starts them on their next quest, the journey to where they want to be. Her clients may have fledged children and now want to fledge themselves. They may be contemplating leaving a "job job" to engage with the world in a different, more meaningful way. Or, they may be eager to draw on their passions to financially fuel their dreams. It's all possible! Together she and her clients delve into the possibilities and figure out what next steps to take to make that happen. Learn more at You can reach her at (781) 718-5703 or at

Michele is professional in her approach, communicates clearly, writes well, is organized and is an an excellent listener. She is able to: connect in a personal way with her client, accommodate emotional content that may arise during a consult, be flexible and yet stay focused.

"Michele tuned deeply into the things I love to do, and got a really accurate sense of some of the things that are most intrinsic about me and important to me - things that are so much a part of me, I don't necessarily even perceive them." ~ L Edwards, Michigan

Sue Newell
Life First Work

Sue Newell, Life First WorkSue Newell has been a problem solver for her entire career. After 20 years solving problems in the software development world, she was delighted to make the change to helping people discover ways to make money doing what they love as an Outside the Job Box Consultant. Sue primarily works with people wanting to escape from the corporate world, but she has recently begun to meet with people coming up on retirement who know they are way too young to retire and are looking for options.

In addition to one or two session telephone sessions, Sue also offers a 4-week seminar series for people who want work through the process at a slightly slower pace. For more details, visit or call (866) 281-2368.

"Sue invited me to think differently about career planning. I was encouraged to envision the life I want, and what kind or kinds of work would support that. She offered realistic ways to move forward, and offered websites, books and other sources of information to give me the background knowledge I might need to pursue various paths."

~ Marg, Ontario, Canada

Sherrie Porterfield
Creative Career Paths

Sherrie has a passion for sharing with others how they can take steps toward realizing their dreams, and escape the traditional cubicle world of work. She loves helping people find freedom and flexibility to be able to do the things they love. She particularly enjoys helping women who are in mid-life who are looking for creative ways to make a difference in their world. She also has a passion for helping young moms find creative career paths to supplement the family income so they can stay at home with their children.

You can contact Sherrie at or visit her website at

"Sherrie is positive, focused, and has excellent listening skills. She came prepared to talk about options for my generating income as opposed to working. I plan to pursue all of her leads. I feel like I just got permission to go ahead and explore options in my life and to take more chances. I'd highly recommend this approach and Sherrie."

~ Toni Sims, Evanston, IL

Teresa Proudlove
Teresa's Lifework Mentoring

The purpose of Teresa's Lifework Mentoring program is to help you hear the voice of your True Self - your Inner Guidance. Only when we are connected to our True Self (God, Higher Power, Inner Guidance, or however you choose to define this) can we live our life authentically and fully express our gifts.

The Lifework Mentoring program is about you uncovering your answers from within. It's not about me supplying ‘so-called expert' answers for you. It is about creating sacred space wherein your soul feels safe enough to speak its truth. Through listening to our soul speak we come to know our truth and then, can more readily follow our deepest calling.

Please visit Teresa at "Lifework Mentoring" if you would like to find out about her introductory, 30 minute, complimentary Lifework Mentoring session. Or visit Teresa at and read her numerous free articles on reconnecting with your True Self, passion, and purpose.

"Teresa, thank-you so much for sharing your strength and wisdom with me -- and for giving me a gift I didn't really realize I needed -- permission to truly express my authentic self and to tell the world who I really am and what I offer. For that I am truly grateful."

~ Jan Moore, MA

Gail Reed
Put Your Talents to Work

Passionate about life and its possibilities, Gail Reed enjoys working with people who want to earn fantastic money doing work they love. She loves showing people how to create new realities, visualize their optimal path, and unlock their creative potential to bring their vision to life -- sliding past obstacles that seem to be blocking the way.

Visit Gail online at or contact her at or at (916) 222-0638

"Gail's ideas and suggestions are life changing. It seems like every other book out there talks about doing what you love and the money will follow, but getting to 'the what to do' was never made clearer to me."
Suzanne Shaw, Toluca Lake, CA

Patricia Robertson
The Virtual Career Detective

Patricia Robertson, Do Work That WorksPatricia is the Dream Detective at, where she is constantly thinking of ingenious ways for clients to turn what they love into a livelihood. While she has worked extensively as a conventional career coach, her real joy is helping people find "perfect fit" businesses that allow them to creatively express all that they are. Patricia loves working with clients who have multiple interests, those who have been recently "downsized" and those who simply don't thrive in the traditional 9-to-5.

If you're ready to follow the clues to your own dream business, contact

"Patricia quickly identified patterns and pulled like-things together. She prioritized and clarified what was relevant. She described how I could put the pieces together in several novel and very appealing ways."
~ Susan Fraser, Abilene, Texas

Lisa Tarrant
Help Me Lisa!
Lisa Tarrant, Help Me Lisa

Lisa Tarrant thrives by helping others. She first started Help Me Lisa! in 2003 with a focus on the small business owner or entrepreneur who simply didn't have the time, resources, knowledge or energy to get everything done.

Now, she has taken her business to the next level in wanting to help others learn how they, too, can quit their job and live a life they love. You can learn more about Lisa and her services by visiting her website at or contact her directly by calling (413) 219-5088 or emailing her at

"Lisa was able to give not only advice on exploring different alternatives, but some specific ideas. I found this more helpful than the wishy-washy 'how does this make you feel' I expected and that Lisa avoided." ~ Greg L, Florida

Barb van Wickland
New Ways To Go

Barbara van Wickland is a creative career consultant, certified personal trainer, communicator and entrepreneur. She has learned that personal fulfillment comes from a balance of doing work you love and living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Her holistic approach helped her arrive at a balanced life after years of trying numerous career paths.

What life are YOU meant to live? Barb helps her clients to imagine it, to dream big, to explore new ways to go and to define actions you need to get you there. Anyone ready to live life to the fullest should call (860) 434-1659.

"Barbara is a smooth voice that was full of advice, questions, interest and curiosity. She charted our discussion and she was very helpful. She made me excited to get started when I hung up the phone."
~ Freida Battise, Avondale, AZ

Karen M. Winkelman
The Life Crafting Coach

Karen Winkelman is The Life Crafting Coach. She specializes in helping people discover or rediscover their path and reawaken their dreams. Karen encourages you to live your life with purpose and passion. With her background in corporate marketing and life long experience mentoring and coaching people -- both inside and outside traditional career roles -- Karen not only presents realistic ideas, identifies resources, and explores possibilities, she can also help you create an action plan to move you forward, or a transition plan from your current job to your new life.

Do you want to jump off the corporate hamster wheel and escape the "8-whenever" job world? Do you want to pursue a more rewarding and fulfilling career? Or are you finally ready to dust off the dream you put on a shelf years ago (you know the one; it keeps nagging at the back of your mind)? If so, then Karen can help you to begin crafting the life of your dreams so that you can be working at what you love and enjoying your life more fully...

"Karen did an outstanding job providing clear direction and offering new ideas. She provided validation and encouragement and offered realistic, reasonable suggestions as well as numerous resources to check out. I appreciate the guidance and support she provided. I really believe I have a plan I can succeed with and I am already engaged in pursuing my plan." ~ Bonnie, Texas

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