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What is a Teleclass?

A Teleclass is a live, interactive workshop that is conducted over the telephone like a conference call. In most cases regular long distance charges will apply, but there are no additional fees. You will be charged the standard long distance charges from your chosen long distance company.

Once you register for a Teleclass, you will receive an email with the telephone number and access code for your Teleclass. Be sure to put this information in a safe place where you can easily find it.

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What To Do Right Before the Call

Here are some guidelines to help you get ready for your Teleclass:

Step 1: Take care of dogs, kids, and other lovable distractions, then find a quiet spot in your home from which to call.

Step 2: Disable "call waiting" just before dialing in. Different phone companies have different procedures for doing this, so check with your local carrier for specific instructions for temporarily disabling and then re-enabling call waiting.

Step 3: Since you'll be actively participating on the call, it's best to use an old-fashioned "corded" phone. Only use a cell or cordless phone if you must.

Step 4: If you have a two-line phone, please turn the ringer off on the second line. Otherwise, if you get a call during the call, it can cause a very shrill noise that everyone will hear.

Step 5: Call the Teleclass phone number at the designated time.

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Once You're on the Call... "Teleconference Etiquette"

Here are some basic elements of teleconference etiquette to review before you call:


Find a nice, quiet space if possible for the call. Background noise, the dog barking, radio, etc., could be a problem for the other participants.


Some people breathe "heavier" than others do. Most of the heavy breathers don't realize it... (who ME?) Be sure to hold the mouthpiece or telephone headset away from your mouth and nose until you are speaking. This may sound silly, but when you're on a call with a heavy breather, you'll understand why!

Speakerphones, Cell Phones, and Cordless Phones

Don't use cell phones or cordless phones. Speakerphones are wonderful things, but for the sake of your fellow participants, do not speak into them when sharing. Pick up the handset when you share and put the mute button on when you're just listening. The clarity/quality simply isn't good enough on any of these phones.


Since your fellow participants can't see you, they have no other way of knowing who is speaking. When you speak, be sure to lead with your name even if you've spoken previously as in, "Hi, this is Lisa again..." It may feel awkward at first, but it alerts others of your intent to speak and they won't be preoccupied wondering who is speaking. Don't shout, but speak slightly louder than conversational volume. If you have trouble hearing clearly, interrupt and say so.


If you have trouble placing the call, first double-check the time, time zone, and number of the call. Most difficulties are solved with this step.

If the phone rings but won't connect, one of two things has occurred. You might have mis-dialed or your timing is off. Check the number and redial. If still no success, again, check to see if you have the correct meeting time and are referencing the correct time zone.

If you receive a busy signal, it means you dialed incorrectly. Check the number and dial again. Again, if you lose this information please check the Dreams Can't Wait Participant Forum or contact one of your other team members.

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A portion of all profits goes to
Trickle Up to help impoverished people start small businesses


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