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What Would Make Valerie Want to Get in Her Car and Drive to Your House?

The idea of me getting in my car and driving to your house is not as far fetched as it sounds…

You see I recently completed an application to be in a Mastermind group with one of THE most successful internet marketers ever. (I’ll tell you who once I know for certain I’ve been accepted).

Applicants were asked to name the three books or programs that have had the biggest impact on our lives. I cheated and put four. It was hard to pick just three books but I ultimately settled on In a Different Voice by Carol Gilligan, Barbara Winter’s Making a Living Without a Job, and The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield.

As far as “programs” go, I have bookshelves full of binders, CDs, and other information products all designed to help me learn more about one aspect of building a successful business or another. So you would think it would be hard to pick just one. Actually it wasn’t.

In fact, if I was “smart”, I probably would have chosen one of the programs developed by the internet guru who’s running the Mastermind. But that would have just been well, “sucking up.” I mean his stuff is great BUT…

Hands down the program that has had THE BIGGEST impact on the success and growth of my business has been Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.

If I’m starting to sound like a broken record, it’s because I know how many people are either idling in neutral, just thinking about their great idea, or already have some kind of product or service but are piddling around in first gear trying to make a few sales here and there when they could be in the fast lane.

Several people have contacted me wondering if Product Launch Formula is right for their business. One makes jewelry that she sells online. Another (a corporate VP) has come up with some ideas for how to parlay her skills as a tarot reader online. Still another has an idea for an online business that will allow her to pursue her love of travel. In all three cases, my answer was yes!

I know some people who could really benefit from this program who are still on the fence (are you listening Creative Career Consultants?) because they just don’t fully get the power of this program Product. I do.

Others do get it but are afraid this will become just one more pricy program that ends up sitting on their shelf. I get that. Someone even emailed to ask if I knew of anyone who could serve as a kind of personal “Product Launch Formula coach” to help hold her feet to the fire. I don’t (but it’s a great niche for someone!).

But I might have something even better.

A big part of me wants to get in my car, drive to your house, and physically hold your hands to your keyboards and hit “BUY.” But this is obviously not very fuel efficient.;>) So I’m going to go out on a limb here and offer to arrange a couple of Product Launch Formula Tele-Study Groups for anyone who wants to team up with four or five others into some kind of a weekly group to help one another work through the program and stay on track.

Honestly, my plate is pretty full right now… so the thought of adding one more thing makes my head hurt. And obviously I can’t promise that everyone will be able to make the days and times we come up or even that we’ll get a big enough group. But I promise to do my best.

Product Launch Formula Version 2.0 went on sale last week. Jeff was flooded with orders and lot of people who wanted to buy got shut out.

Jeff is re-opening registration for 24 hours only – beginning today, Wednesday, April 2, 2008 at noon Eastern. After that the doors will close and classes will start.

Here’s the link:

I know some of you think I sound like a broken record. In fact, I know I will get a few angry emails from people accusing me of trying to sell them something. And I am. I’m trying to sell you on taking an incredibly important step to making your business financially viable so you can live the “boss free” life you say you want.

But I’m willing to risk making lots of people mad if it means I get through to just one person before Jeff pulls the new version of Product Launch Formula off the market Thursday, April 3rd at noon Eastern. It is just that important.

If you already have some kind of product or service – or you are thinking about one – I sincerely hope you will make this investment in your business and yourself. To learn more click here now:



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