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From Food Stamps to Entrepreneurial Success

If you really are serious about wanting to look in the mirror and see the boss, then there’s someone I really want you to meet…

Valerie Young with Jeff Walker

Valerie with
Jeff Walker

One of the very best ways to be an entrepreneur yourself is to learn from people who have done it themselves. That’s why I really want you to meet marketing guru (and I’m happy to say new friend) Jeff Walker. Jeff not only introduced me to marketing techniques that have – and I am not exaggerating here – literally doubled my income, he also happens to be one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

One of his most inspiring success stories is about a guy named John who put his family in debt (we’re talking food stamps here) in his quest to make and market a board game. John was a success at making the game. It was the selling part that bombed. That is, until he met Jeff…

I could go on and on about how Jeff’s product launch system not only inspired me to finally stop “thinking” about launching my Outside the Job Box Career Consultant Training Program and actually DO IT – but was THE key to me making a little over $80,000 in about a week.

There is obviously more to this story. But since you can go hear my whole “Lakeside Product Launch” story at, I want to stick to what all this has to do with you…

Jeff’s marketing training program has helped hundreds of regular people just like you launch their own small businesses in such diverse niches as health food, knitting, horse training, even a business coaching in Poland. And, like you, the overwhelming majority had no previous marketing experience… and I do mean NONE.

Each one did four and five figure product launches using the same marketing strategies. You can use the same formula to market a service, a workshop, a conference, a book, a CD, or just about any other kind of product -your own or someone else’s.

I know because I’ve met and talked with at least 50 of these now successful entrepreneurs in person. The overwhelming majority had no previous marketing experience… and I do mean NO EXPERIENCE.

Today, Jeff is opening the doors for the latest version of his Product Launch Formula. When he released this program last March, they had to shut it down in only 36 hours.

I don’t want you to miss out and have to wait another seven to 12 months. If you are really serious about jumpstarting your business and becoming successful faster, then I highly recommend you get a head start by signing up to watch some case studies of real people (like me!) who have used Jeff’s program.

If you either have a business with a Web site, or you have an idea for one, but you HATE MARKETING, then I highly recommend Jeff’s program. He’s giving away some great free content including his new Product Launch Blueprint video. Sign up to watch it now at

P.S. Someone asked a good question on the about launching a business in a down economy. If you have the same concern, you can read my reply there.

On this same economic note, members of the Fast Track/Changing Course Club Community can log in to listen to my November Opportunity Hour Teleclass. One of the things I talk about is how smart entrepreneurs can turn these tough economic times into even more ways to serve customers and grow your business in the process.

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