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Attention Entrepreneurs, Independent Professionals and Small Business Owners

I'm not one to throw around big promises like "Turn your annual income into your monthly income." But I met a guy who, through much trial and error and hard work, has successful managed to do just that... and quite a bit more.

Alex Mandossian

Alex Mandossian

His name is Alex Mandossian. And in 2001 his annual income was $63,700. Three years later, he was earning that much in a month. By 2006, his 2001 annual income became his "hourly" income (16 times)... all through the revenue-generating power of his telephone.

The money part is impressive. Equally impressive though is what Alex has to offer other entrepreneurs who, like me, love teaching but hate selling. He made his fortune because he figured out that it's a lot easier to educate customers than to try to "sell" them. And it's a lot more profitable too.

Alex is a master at marketing by teaching, at earning by helping, and at succeeding by helping your customers succeed. He's delivered Teleseminars with many of the world's top leaders and authors, including Donald Trump, Stephen Covey, and Mark Victor Hansen and has trained over 13,000 students since 2001.

Over the past 12 years, Alex has helped his clients generate over $203 million in sales. And he's agreed to share what he's learned with you.

Be My Special “VIP” Guest

On Thursday, December 4thAlex will reveal time-proven Teleseminar secrets that can dramatically boost my sales and profits WITHOUT spending a dime more on advertising or promotional costs in a live training call at 9:00pm Eastern.

By the end of this call, you will have access to…

  • The 8 Critical Advantages Alex has when conducting his own Teleseminars

  • 7 huge mistakes most marketers make during their Teleseminars… and how to avoid them

  • 9 embarrassing mistakes most marketers before their Teleseminars… and how to avoid them

  • The 7-Step Plan Alex has used to triple his passive income as an “Interviewer” of world's top industry leaders

  • 4 Teleseminar campaigns that each produced over six-figures in annual income, but required less than 2 hours of effort (each)

  • 5 core attributes to find low-cost reliable vendors to write sales copy with greater pulling-power, build high-conversion web sites, reliably record and transcribe audio content with fast turnaround times …

  • Tips on how to build highly responsive online lists from scratch

Alex is convinced that once you apply his principle-centered marketing strategies, practically any entrepreneur can use Teleseminars to substantially grow your business. Last year over 600 Changing Course readers signed up for this once-a-year Teleseminar.

If you hate selling, but love teaching or bringing on guest speakers or otherwise using the power of Teleseminars to grow your business, grab your seat before it's gone.

Your VIP Discount Code

Claim your $79 discount and register for only $20 using VIP Discount Code: AM3964

Click here to register:

The first 200 people to register will also receive Alex's new "Insiders Guide to Teleseminar Profits for Independent Professionals."

If the idea of turning your annual income into your monthly income seems like way too much to money to be believable then try thinking in more modest terms like doubling your income. Is that worth 90 minutes of your time?

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