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Lessons on Inspiration, Guidance and Success from a Real Estate “Artist”


Valerie and her rescue dog,
“Cokie Roberts”

By Valerie Young

This article originally appeared in Issue 202 of the Changing Course Newsletter.

Last summer, I joined internet marketing legend Yanik Silver and 25 or so other entrepreneurs for a“Maverick Business Adventure” in Aspen, Colorado. 

In addition to networking with each other, we had the opportunity to meet and hear from some incredibly successful individuals. One of those individuals was Frank McKinney. If you haven’t heard of Frank McKinney he is truly a maverick entrepreneur. And he has a fascinating story of courage, adventure, and giving back.

Seizing the Opportunity

At the age of 18, with $50 in his pocket, Frank left his home in Indiana for Florida in search of his calling. He didn’t find it. But he did get a job teaching tennis lessons at an affluent Country Club where he was paid $50 for a one hour lesson. Seizing the opportunity to learn from his wealthy clients, Frank would push his clients at an exhausting pace. After 45 minutes, they’d be eager for a break, at which point Frank would pick their brains on how they got so rich. The vast majority traced their wealth to one thing – real estate.

Frank McKinney with Valerie

Learning this was a turning point in Frank’s life. When other young people his age were blowing their money, Frank saved his. He scrimped and saved until he could finally purchase his first $50,000 fixer upper. A few months later he sold it at a $7,000 profit.

Then one day he announced to his wife that he wanted to build a million dollar home – something practically unheard of. So to save the money he’d need, they moved into a studio apartment that was so small Frank said you could flip the eggs from the shower.

Today, Frank routinely builds spec homes (homes built without a buyer) valued in the many tens of millions of dollars, including the creation of the world’s first $100+ million spec home. What’s especially fascinating about Frank is that he considers each of his homes a work of art conceived from his vivid imagination. In fact, he is well-known around the globe as a real estate “artist,” and the creative force behind some of the world’s finest and most opulent mansions ever built.

And if that wasn’t fun enough, he makes the unveiling of a Frank McKinney house an invitation only theatrical and media event. For one unveiling, the house was literally draped in cloth and he descended by a wire dressed as a pirate!

But for Frank, it’s not all about making amazingly beautiful and outrageously expensive homes for the rich or being on stage. He’s also a true social entrepreneur.

The Spirit of Giving

About 10 years ago, Frank started a non-profit organization called
The Caring House Project
based the simple premise that stability begins at home – fitting for a real estate mogul. His organization helps to create self-sustaining villages by providing housing, food, water, medical support and opportunity for the poor and homeless around the world, particularly in the Caribbean, South America, Indonesia, and Africa as well as here in the US.

The way Frank explained when he spoke in Aspen, he gets to be a modern day Robin Hood – earning his millions by serving the rich and then turning around to share his own riches with the poor. Making money is great, says Frank, but what matters is making a difference in the world. And he’s instilling these same giving principles to his daughter Laura.

You might think that the daughter of someone who makes millions would grow up spoiled or self-centered. I met Laura in Aspen and I can tell you she is anything but. Frank and his wife have instilled in their daughter the same principles of saving and giving back. Even though she is surrounded by wealth, Laura is given an allowance of which she must save a third, give a third away to someone less fortune, and the other third she gets to keep.

In a time of first generation wealth, I really admired the decision to instill these values into his daughter.

Living the Adventure

Besides being a real estate artist, social entrepreneur and philanthropist, Frank is also a two-time international best-selling author. He’s very much designed his life (and livelihood) to incorporate everything he loves.

For the last few years, Frank has been working from his oceanfront treehouse office on not one, not two, but three different books in three entirely different genres. I got a sneak preview of the covers last summer and if the insides are as impressive, they’ll be bestsellers.

When Frank told his publisher he planned to release all three books on the same day, they they told him it was nuts, that it couldn’t be done. Never one to back down from a challenge, Frank’s done exactly that. He’s written three powerful books filled with thought, experience, creativity and hard work.

Book 1: The Tap

The Tap is a book about accepting the inherent responsibility and gaining the confidence in your ability to handle more, whether it’s more wealth, health, happiness, or relationships.

Whether you’re seeking greater financial rewards or some other kind of uplift, this book reveals there’s one solution: Learning to feel The Tap and then acting on it. Why, then, haven’t you always recognized your “Tap Moments?” The Tap answers this by leading you to find how you’ve been blessed with the special ability to succeed at some level, yet the rewards of your success aren’t meant for you alone, whether those rewards are already in hand or coming soon.

Your life’s great Tap Moments will come with astonishing speed and size when you act on the greater responsibility that comes with greater blessings. This book is for those who want to succeed at a higher level in the business we’re all in: the business of life.

(Click here to read more about this book at

Book 2: Burst This! Frank McKinney’s Bubble-Proof Real Estate Strategies

This book clearly shows you how to prepare for and time the upswings while insulating your real estate investments from the inherent corrective cycle. The truth is that opportunities to profit abound during every phase. Lots of people prosper in boom times of course, but the really smart ones set themselves up to make even bigger money during a crisis/correction.

Why not do both, now?

Investors of all experience levels learn to turn the bubble mentality inside out, transforming it into a protective force field and a crystal ball, allowing you to accurately forecast your real estate future. You will see how you can aspire not just to survival, but also to what McKinney calls “thrival,” developing your ability to create your own market conditions.

(Click here to read more about this book at

Book 3: Dead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes, and the Good Luck Circle

Frank boldly enters the field of young reader fiction in this fantasy novel that is sure to race and gladden the hearts of all readers. The story was inspired by the more than one thousand walks to school Frank has shared with his daughter Laura and her friends in real life (that’s Laura on the cover!). Come along with them into the imaginative world of Dead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes, and the Good Luck Circle!

(Click here to read more about this book at

Here is the best part…
all 100% of the proceeds from the sales of all three books will benefit The Caring House Foundation. But, he needs our help.

These three new books will be released on Friday, February 13th. But in an effort to get them ranked #1 on Amazon and other online retailers, Frank is providing some truly spectacular incentives for anyone who purchases his books today, tomorrow or Friday.

Frank McKinney’s
Oceanfront Treehouse

Here’s how it works. After you purchase any (or all) of the books, go to and enter in your Amazon order number. You will automatically be entered to win an amazing Grand Prize. You’ll receive one entry for each book you purchase. And these are not your ordinary prizes. The Grand Prizes include the opportunity to attend his $29 Million Grand Unveiling and Book Launch, an overnight stay in his oceanfront treehouse, or the opportunity to join him on a his book tour.

And if you don’t win? Not to worry, you’re still in for some incredible treats like:

1) An invitation to participate in a three-part teleseminar series titled the “Three-Headed Monster Series” where the contents of each book will be discussed during three one-hour long sessions. You will be issued a personal PIN# to participate in the call.

2) A special link to view “Frank McKinney Palm Beach Experience” on DVD. This is an inspiring 30 minute video experience that is sure to motivate.

3)A special link to a “Frank McKinney Narrated Mansion Tour” on DVD. Here you will get the opportunity to see inside one of my completed oceanfront homes.

Meeting Frank was truly an amazing experience. Wealth itself does not impress me, but I was genuinely inspired by the wisdom to learn from others who had already achieved their success, the sacrifices he was willing to make early in his real estate career, the courage to break outside of the traditional developer mode to bring an artistry to his work, and his eagerness to recognize that there is more to life than financial success – that it’s the opportunity to make a difference in the world. These are principles we can all apply to our businesses and our lives.

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