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I HAD to do something…

By Valerie Young

I know we’re in the midst of a global recession. But you wouldn’t know it from last weekend… I was so inspired I knew I had to do something to make it as easy as possible for you to live your dream of taking control of your life.

You see I just got back from spending four days at Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Marketing Seminar in Washington, DC. With all the gloom and doom in the news, it was such an incredible shot in the arm to hear from some of the most successful people in the world. People like…

…Bob Parson, the rough around the edges, blue collar, former Marine and founder and CEO of the domain registration company (yes, that GoDaddy, the one with the controversial Superbowl ads). He was close to shutting down GoDaddy because sales were so bad, now they dominate the industry with close to 64 percent of the US market 47 percent internationally.

…Tony Hsieh the 30-something CEO of Zappos, an online shoe company that in less than 9 years he grew to over a billion dollars in sales – that’s billion with a B – thanks to a relentless passion for serving the customer. This from a man who, as recently as 1995, was making pizzas for a living!

I’ll be writing more soon about what I learned from Tony and Bob and how it can help you live your dream of working at what you love. But suffice it to say, neither are daunted by the economy. In fact, both companies are hiring with 70 current openings at Zappos alone.

The point I want to make right now is that it was impossible to be discouraged about anything when you’re surrounded by hundreds of entrepreneurs – and hundreds more who are determined to be – who came from the far corners of the world to learn from some of the most successful internet marketers on the planet.

Before I go on, I need to tell you that personally I’m not motivated to build the kind of empire required to make billions. But that’s the great thing about this seminar. There certainly was no shortage of millionaires on or off the stage, but most of the people I met were small one- or two- person, at home operations like mine who are doing high six-figure to high seven-figure sales.

The thing we all have in common is an unrelenting determination to control our own financial destiny while doing work we actually enjoy…

When you watch the news these days, it’s easy to forget that there are still people out there who are living life on their own terms – and making decent money doing it. And whether these people are making $70,000 a year or $7 million, without exception, it STARTED WITH A SMALL DREAM THAT GREW…

My own dream started out with the simple idea to publish a newsletter so I could share what I was learning about what it really took to change course from having a boss to being your own boss. At the time I’d been commuting 90 miles a day to a high-stress job that paid the bills but did not feed my spirit.

But I always knew there had to be more out there.

That was in 1995. And at that time, it was the advice and wisdom of two women — Barbara Sher and Barbara Winter — who, through their books and workshops, inspired me to dream bigger.

So, when eight years later, I talked the two of them into joining me to present a workshop on “Making Dreams Happen” at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, it truly was a dream come true…

We limited the registration to only 50 people and it sold out in two weeks. Those three days were amazing. The workshop participants came away thrilled and eager to start living their dreams. And I made friends for life.

I had the entire four day event professionally taped and packaged it up along with the 100-plus page workbook. I sold hundreds of copies up until four months ago when it finally went out of stock. I still get letters from people thanking me for giving them the chance to essentially “sit in” on that seminar and soak up all that wisdom.

Fast forward another six years and my own business has grown to the point where I can easily plop down $3000 plus travel to be at a seminar with people who have made their dreams happen… and then some.

But I never forget where I came from, or that not everyone can be at a workshop like this.

For one, at $3000, a seminar like this is simply out of a lot of people’s budget. Even if they could swing it, Yanik’s seminar is probably not the best fit for people just starting out with an online business. (I’ve been on the Internet since 1997 and there are times when all the technology still baffles me!)

Besides, not everyone wants to have an online business…

Some of you want to find a way to get paid to shop…or to travel… or sell your art… or be a motivational speaker… or be a writer… or work with horses… or any number of things.

It’s just that you don’t know how to make your dreams happen. Possibly you found your passion but you don’t know how to navigate it to be able to make money. Or maybe you’re still trying to find your calling….

As I was driving home from the airport yesterday I knew I wanted to do SOMETHING to help people who have not given up on their dream but also need to watch their pennies.

So I came up with way to offer you the opportunity to attend your own private “underground” seminar…

Between now and this Thursday February 26th you can get your own ALL-DIGITAL version of the same Making Dreams Happen program that attendees paid close to $1700 to attend live and hundreds of others paid $297 afterward for the CDs – but at DEEPLY REDUCED RECESSION BUSTING PRICE.

Because it’s all digital, you can download the entire audio program right onto your computer… or your MP3 player… or even onto CDs if you want. That way you can listen at home, in the car, while you exercise – even at your cubicle!

Plus, for all the folks who live overseas, this new fully-downloadable version eliminates those outrageous international shipping costs.

Making Dreams Happen is the ONLY audio program ever that features not one, not two, but three internationally-recognized career and life change experts…

~ Best-selling author and Oprah guest Barbara Sher best known for books like “Wishcraft” (over a million copies sold!), “I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was,” and her latest book for people who love too many things — “Refuse to Choose”

~ Barbara Winter, best-selling author of “Making a Living Without a Job” – now in it’s 18 printing!

~ And me — Turning-Interests-Into-Income Expert Valerie Young. I’ve spoken at companies like Procter & Gamble, Boeing, Intel, and UBS and along the way gotten some great press from The Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s money magazine, USA Weekend magazine, end elsewhere….

Like I said, the excitement of being surrounded by these positive and resourceful entrepreneurs has inspired me to want to go the extra mile to urge you to make your own dreams happen…

When the 24 CD version of Making Dreams Happen was still in stock (again, sorry but that sold out months ago) it sold for $297.

The new all digital, fully downloadable version of Making Dreams Happen normally sells for $97.

A word that came up over and over last weekend was action. Successful people take what they learn and they act on it. They are decisive.

Yes, I want to do my part to make things as affordable as possible for you to get where you want to go faster… but I also want to encourage you to be decisive, to move past analysis paralysis and to instead listen to your intuition.

So, between now and Thursday, February 26, 2008 — that’s less than 65 hours — you have the opportunity to download the complete set of Making Dreams Happen — over 20 hours of dream-enabling audio and over 150 pages of Speaker Handouts — for only $67.

If you’re not sure if Making Dreams Happen is right for you, you can actually listen to an inspiring excerpt from Barbara Sher, Barbara Winter, and me. For your complimentary excerpt and to learn more about Making Dreams Happen go to…

You’ll need to place your order before Thursday to receive your $30 SAVINGS and get Making Dreams Happen for only $67.

If you’re really ready to create a life that you love, I encourage you to tap into one of the most uniquely inspiring and informative resources from three top experts all dedicated to helping you make your entrepreneurial dream of making a living doing what you love a reality!

To your dreams,

Valerie Young
Dreamer in Residence

P.S. I have pages and pages of notes. Among them is Bob Parson’s 16 rules to live by. I was writing as fast as I could so these are not necessarily exact quotes, but here are a few favorites you might enjoy…

#1 Get and stay out of your comfort zone. Security is for cadavers.

#3 When you are ready to quit you’re closer than you think to success

#7 Always move forward

#8 Be quick to decide

#16 There’s always a reason to smile. Find it.

Most people think about their dreams. Some talk about them. But successful people act on them.

A dream is a terrible thing to waste. So are opportunities. Act now to take advantage of this time-limited offer to receive Making Dreams Happen for only $67. This sale ends Thursday.

Go to

Your $30 savings will automatically be applied at checkout.

In the words of William Jennings Bryan, “Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice: it is not to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”

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