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Do You Love Thinking “Outside the Job Box”?


Enter the “Opportunity Detective” Contest
for Your Chance to Win Big…

You’ve been an idea-person all your life. Now here’s your chance to formally exercise your Outside the Job Box muscles – and get a chance to win big!

If you love the idea of getting paid to use your creative brainstorming skills, then this is your chance to win a FREE Outside the Job Box Career Expert and Small Business Idea Consultant Course and Business Launch Program.

The winner will receive the complete set of ALL program materials – hundreds of pages of training manuals, training CDs plus marketing jumpstart CDs, templates of all forms, scripts, and email templates, and more…

The program materials alone are valued in the thousands. Add to that the income potential from actively using your new-found knowledge and skills to grow your own small business – and the value is incalculable!

One lucky “idea-person” will be chosen by a panel of experts including previous graduates of the Outside the Job Box Career Expert Course.

“Opportunity Detective” Contest Rules

Step 1: You Will Need To Watch the Changing Course “Career Opportunity Bootcamp” video to learn about the “5 Hidden Places to Look for Ideas for Income Streams” at

*NOTE: You must be on the Priority Notification List for your entry to be considered and to qualify. If you are NOT currently on this list, you can sign up now at

Step 2: In the video I share dozens of fascinating examples of creative income streams/profit centers started by enterprising self-bossers. Now it’s your turn!

Use what you learn in the “Career Opportunity Bootcamp” video to actively tune into the Internet, books, magazines, television programs, your own community, or wherever you see small business ideas.

Then I want to you to generate a list of 10 unique income streams/profit centers that some creative entrepreneur has already come up with.

Limit the description of each income stream example to 50 words or less.


When I came up with the contest rules I seriously underestimated what incredible “idea people” you all are. Shame on me!

So as of today, Rule #2 is officially amended so you can do either/or…

Generate a list of 10 unique income streams/profit centers that some creative entrepreneur has already come up with OR GO WILD and create some totally new outside the box ideas of your own!

Step 3: Then simply tell me in 100 words or less how you will use what you learn in the Outside the Job Box Career Consultant Course to make a small difference in the lives of others… Be creative! Like the motto Google once used in one of their contests says… “May those who help the most win!”

Step 4: Post your answers right here in the comments section.

The winner will be selected based on the uniqueness of the income streams/profit centers/business ideas they submit and their ideas of how they will use this course to make a difference in others lives.

All entries must be posted on below by 5:00 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, April 5th.

The winner will be announced April 6th via email and announced later in the week in the Changing Course Newsletter read by over 22,000 people!

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