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This Gave Me Chills…

Ashley Smith once said, “Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams.”

Imagine, after spending years of grueling workouts, of local meets and state championships, that your dream of competing in the Olympics came down to a single match…

And then in a matter of minutes, it all slipped away forever.

That’s what happened to Russell Brunson. It’s been over a decade since his bid to compete in the Olympics came to a crashing halt.

But now, ten years later - all grown up and with a wife and three kids - amazingly the guy is fighting back… 

I was fortunate to be in the audience the day Russell took the stage and first made his moving announcement. I don’t know about anyone else, but I had chills.

When you hear someone who is willing to put everything on the line – to walk away from a multi-million dollar business and risk it all to pursue a dream – you can’t help but be inspired to dust off your own lost dreams.

Watch this inspiring 3-minute video to see how Russell almost lost his dream – and more importantly – his brave decision to reclaim what he lost…

Here’s the video:

I not only respect Russell as an athlete and competitor but as a fellow entrepreneur.

When his Olympic dreams died, this regular guy from Idaho funneled all that energy into helping people with little to no internet experience grow highly profitable businesses using a model he calls “micro-continuity.”

I figure if this guy can figure out how to make money online teaching people (okay teenage boys) how to make potato guns (did I say he was from IdahoJ), anybody can follow this model. Including you.

Russell Brunson and Valerie Young

Like I said, I was there in the audience a few weeks ago at Ryan Lee’s big Continuity Summit when Russell laid out his entire micro-continuity process. I was blown away at how much solid practical content he shared that two weeks later I hopped a plane to Florida to hear him again. What he had to share was THAT good.

If you missed my article on how continuity - or RECURRING income as it’s known - can provide you with a predictable and steady monthly flow of money, you can catch up now at

Most importantly, as you watch Russell’s Olympic dream video I want you to think about YOUR OWN DREAM.

Whether you want to work from home or become a writer or help raise self-esteem in teens or get paid for your art, remember the wise words of George Eliot - “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

To your dreams,

Valerie Young
Dreamer in Residence

P.S. I hope you’ll share this inspiring video with your friends and family. Most of all, I hope you share it with the young people in your life.

Here’s the link again:

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