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Passion Noodle: Find Your “Tribe”

Today’s Passion Noodle was actually recorded from the road yesterday (hence the quality). Don’t worry I had my hands on the wheel…

If you feel isolated or that you don’t have the support of people who encourage your entrepreneurial dreams and want to help or at least see you succeed, take 3 minutes now to listen in.


Who did I meet at the Women Business Owners meeting?

Like I said in the podcast, there are a few REALLY interesting people who for different reasons I’ll introduce to you later.  For example, one is still working out a few kinks on her website and I would rather give her some good buzz when she’s in a better position to take advantage of it… the other one… well, let’s just say, stay tuned 😉

Two of the enterprising business owners are both profiting from their creative passions — but in different ways.  Amy Woolf is a color consultant. She works with home-dwellers and businesses to select the perfect colors for them. How fun!

 If you have an eye for color then get find your tribe at the International Association of Color Consultants at  

Linda Warren is a quilter with multiple income streams. One is teaching. Obviously there’s a market out there because when she held an open house recently over 50 people showed up! Can you say “tribe!” Check out her site at

The best part of this event for me — besides the speaker — was having the opportunity to help some local small business owners to think bigger about their business… or connecting them with resources… or generally brainstorming some marketing ideas people seemed to find helpful. Helping others is good for the soul — and energizing.

Resolve today to take a small step to find your tribe. And to borrow from the famous JFK refrain , ask not what other profit from your passion seekers can do for you, ask what you can do for your fellow profit from your passion seekers.

What are YOU noodling about today? Love to hear from you!


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