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What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

Valerie Young
Dreamer in Residence

How many times did you hear that question when you were a kid?


Back then, it really didn’t matter too much what you said… you could say you wanted to grow up to be a ballerina or a major league ball player or the "ice cream man" and ride around in an ice cream truck all day.

At age 5 or 8 or 11, no one took these career leanings too seriously. That is until you got a bit older. At which point the idea that you were serious about being a ballerina or a ballplayer or the ice cream man was probably met with a lot of resistance from most of the adults in your life.

People told you to put away your silly ideas about being "happy" and just get a "good job."

So everyone from your guidance counselor to your mother swayed you toward being a teacher or an engineer or an executive. There’s just one problem. You’re miserable.

And sadly, you’re not alone. As Benjamin Disraeli once said, "Most people will die with their music still in them."

But, what if the most "real" thing you can do is to do work that reflects your authentic self? To find a way to actually live your life on your own terms?

What if what you really need to do is to get "unreal."

After all, as Will Smith reminds us, "Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity." Is that what you really want?  

I mean you only have this one life. And how you live it is up to you.

Perhaps you’ve buried your dreams for so long that you don’t even know what they are any more…

Or, maybe you already know what you love to do, but you just haven’t figured out how to make money doing it…

Either way, I’d like to help.

You see, I’ve helped literally thousands of people answer these same questions for themselves.

In my coaching practice, I obviously work with people on a one-to-one basis. These are 90-minute laser brainstorming events. I call them "laser" sessions because I have a laser-like focus on my client and how he or she can take one or more of the things they love to do and turn it into one or multiple profit centers.

Some people prefer having the time to delve in more deeply and thrive on the energy of a group. Over the last 15 years I’ve run seminars from coast to coast called "Work at What You Love."

Here you’re looking at upwards of 150 people coming together in big hotel ballroom seeking answers to the question, "What do I love to do — and how can I make money doing it?"

Being able to spend concentrated time with one person is great because it really is all about helping them in a highly focused and personalized way.

And yet, there is really nothing quite like a room buzzing with the energy of dozens and dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs. Everyone learning together and encouraging one another’s dreams. It’s an amazing time.

But here’s the thing…

Everyone at my big seminars learn a ton.
But what they don’t get is lots of time with me.

As fun and energizing as these big workshops are, when the group gets over even 25 people, there’s really no practical way for me to connect with and work intensely with people on a really personal, individual level.

That is until now! Drum roll please…

After much "noodling" in my head, I finally came up with a way we can both have it all.

"Intensive Time And Personalized Coaching With Me
PLUS The Energy, Excitement, And Support Of
Like-Minded Souls Who, Like Me, Are Raring To
Help You Finally Discover AND Profit From Your Passion

Want to know what I’ve cooked up for you? Click here to learn more. But don’t wait because my big idea is happening really soon!

To your dreams,

Valerie Young
Dreamer in Residence

P.S. George Eliot wrote, "It’s never too late to be what you might have been." Isn’t it time you finally made the commitment to discover the work you were meant to do? CLICK HERE NOW to learn how.


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