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Are You Going to Take Advantage of TODAY’S Gift?

I’ll be honest with you — I have a really full plate of stuff I really need to get to today — not the least of which is getting some final edits into my editor at Random House.

But I’m also smart enough to recognize a GIFT when I see one.

What I mean is — you and I both know what you desperately want…

You want to work at what you love…

You want to know the work you do matters…

You want to enjoy the control and freedom of being your own boss…

And of course you want the financial rewards that come when you learn how to profit from your passion…

You already have the desire. That’s not the problem.

The problem is time. Between the demands of your job-job, your home, your family, it’s hard to work on your dream.

I know because I used to be exactly where you are. Commuting 90 miles a day, coming home so fried all I could do was plop in front of the television.

I get it.

And that’s where my crazy idea and your gift comes in…

Millions of people are stuck at home because of today’s big snowstorm. Maybe you’re one of them. If so, that means you got something (besides snow) dumped in your lap — the gift of time.

Not only do you suddenly have this golden chunk of time to invest in figuring out how you’re going to actually create that new more satisfying, balanced life — I’m going to take you by the hand and SHOW YOU HOW.

I know it’s crazy because it’s so last minute. But I’ve decided to carve out time today to hold a very impromptu Teleclass for all of my reader’s at to help you advance your dream.


Please join me TODAY, February 10 at 4:00 PM EST for:

“10 Steps To Escape The Job World And Create The Life You REALLY Want”

You’ll discover the EXACT STEPS I took to transition from that insane commute to my high stress corporate job to doing work — and having a life — I truly love.

I’m talking about a life where you get to do what you want… how you want… when you want.

It’s insane enough that I’m putting on a Teleclass that starts in just a few hours from now.

But that’s not the only insane part. Next to “time”, the second biggest excuse I hear for not pursuing a dream is money.
Well be prepared to be officially “excuse-less.”

Because today’s Teleclass is only TEN BUCKS. At $10 this course is itself a gift.

There’s no time to waste. I can only accommodate 250 people.

If you want to be on the LIVE call register now. That way you can start applying the steps the minute the call ends.

Don’t worry if you miss the call. When you register, you’ll automatically receive the audio recording within 24 hours so you can listen at your convenience.

Go here to register now:

To your dreams,

Valerie Young
Dreamer in Residence

P.S. A dream is a terrible thing to waste. Please don’t miss this chance to discover 10 practical, doable steps you need to take to go from having a boss to being your own boss.

Your first step to freedom starts at 4:00 EST TODAY FOR ONLY $10. Frankly you’d be insane not to take advantage of these twin gifts of time and money.

Here’s the registration link again:


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