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I know it and you know it…

I’ll cut to the chase…

You know and I know that you desperately want to do work that pays the bills AND feeds  your soul.

So, in theory, all I should have to do is remind you that the $500 off Early Bird Savings ends TODAY for the “Profiting From Your Passions” workshop & retreat.

But you and I also know that “wishing” is a whole lot easier than “doing.”


So Ask Yourself…


Exactly how many more years do you intend to waste…

…”wishing” you could change course to work at something that makes you really happy?

…”settling” for less satisfaction, balance, control, life?

….”waiting” until the time is right to finally go after your dream of being of your own boss?

It doesn’t need to be this way you know.


The Wait Is Over


For the 8 very determined people enrolled in the SOLD OUT February event, the wait is over.

In about 20 hours, change seekers from as far away as Alaska, California, Texas, and Missouri will descend on my home in rural Massachusetts.

I know they’re not really coming just to soak up the peaceful view from my living room window…  or the chance to sit around a blazing fire sharing their dreams with other like-minded souls… or the gathering in the evenings for fabulous gourmet meals…

They’re coming because they know that for 3 days they are going to get my undivided attention. I’m going to make sure they leave here on Sunday with…

*** a crystal clear vision of how they want their future lives to look…

*** concrete ways they can make money doing what they love…

*** a practical plan to make it happen

*** PLUS the all-important ongoing peer support they need to follow through

Tomorrow’s seminar is completely sold out. But that doesn’t mean you’ve lost your chance, yet…

The next one is happening March 26-28th and all the details can be found at:


3 Things You Need To Know


1) I am intentionally keeping these groups small so you and your dream get MAXIMUM time and attention. As I write this, there are only 5 spots left in the March session.

2) Holding these intimate, time-intensive workshops in my home is all a grand experiment. I am committed to doing the February and March sessions. In a few days I’ll know whether this is it or if I’ll do more. No promises either way.

3) The Early Bird $500 OFF SAVINGS ENDS TODAY. Since your meals are included, you can put that toward a very reasonably priced hotel about 9 miles from my house or your airfare.

Finally, this is what *I* know.

I have been helping people see ways to profit from their passion for 15 years. And I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that some amazing success stories are going to come out of this February group. Simply said, people’s lives will be changed forever.

There are lots of reasons not to be here in March. But when you stack these up against the chance to finally get to do the work you really love, there really is no excuse.

To your dreams,

Valerie Young
Dreamer in Residence

P.S. I would love to change YOUR life! The $500 Savings Ends TODAY

When you register for the March “Profiting From Your Passions” workshop & retreat you will get everything you need to discover what you love to do and then make money doing it. I’m giving you all of the tools, techniques, and most importantly, my time. (No small thing since big corporations like Procter & Gamble pay me up to $7,000 for a one hour presentation).

P.P.S. You can keep “enduring” work weeks where you feel like THIS…

…or you can make a change and gain the Freedom, Flexibility, and Quality of Life you deserve… Click Here to Learn More

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