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Inspiring Stories of Working @ What You Love & Gentle Reminder

I love my “job”!

I just hung up the phone from talking with Gail Ruth, one of the eight people who attended my very first “Work at What You Love” Workshop & Retreat in February.

The fact that Gail traveled across five time zones from Alaska to be at my workshop in Massachusetts was impressive in and of itself. But after hearing a first-hand update about the incredible progress she’s made, I am really blown away.

First, when the owner of a local gift store saw Gail’s exquisite hand painted silk scarves, she asked her to be the store’s featured artist for October.

The very next week Gail was invited to display her scarves as part of a two day spiritual retreat. She completely sold out of all 35 scarves by noon the first day!

To see Gail’s new website, the artist at work, and of course her beautiful art work go

Speaking of artists… What creative person hasn’t yearned for their own separate workspace?

Well, earlier this week Judy from Rhode Island emailed me a picture of herself standing in her newly leased 1,000 square foot studio. She wanted a dedicated space for “idea incubation” and creative exploration. And she went for it!

Keep your eye out for the photo in the next newsletter plus more fun details about Judy’s plans to parlay her love of, among other things, puppetry and adult play, into a viable profit center!

The big news from Serena in San Francisco is — drum roll please — she quit her corporate job!

Not only is she fast becoming a gifted children’s book writer, but Serena is making good on the goal she set at the workshop to double her monthly eBay income from $1,000 to $2,000! Go Serena!

She’s not the only one to show up at my workshop and within months leave their job to pursue their dream…

Melissa also made good on her promise to walk away from her high stress job at a law firm in Boston. From here she applied and got accepted into a program at MIT. It’s all part of Melissa’s larger plan to use her law degree to work for social justice in Latin America.

And in a similar vein, Ashley from Toronto put her massage practice on hold to realize a long held dream to move to Latin America to explore what the future may hold for her in a place she loved as a child.

(Hint: If you’re still searching for your calling look to your childhood as Ashley did.)

I’ll be sharing more success stories in the coming weeks.

Mostly I want you to see that how people who attend the “Work at What You Love” workshop and retreat make more progress toward creating their ideal work/lives in a few short months than most people do in their entire lives!

It truly is a life changing experience.

And I hope this November 12-14 you put yourself on track to be my next success story!

* * * Which leads me to my gentle reminder * * *

The Early Bird $375 Savings for the November 12-14 “Work at What You Love” Workshop & Retreat held at my home in Montague, Massachusetts ends on Friday, October 15th.

I also set up a lower monthly payment plan to make this program more accessible to more people.

If travel is totally out for you, email me — — for details about my Lower Price – No Travel “Virtual Retreat.”

And even though its obviously more profitable to me to expand the group size, I am committed to ensuring everyone’s dream gets maximum attention.

For that reason attendance is still limited to only 8 people.

If you watched the videos from past attendees at, then you know this is truly a transformative event.

Whether you can attend or not, if you haven’t seen the videos I encourage you to watch. I know just “meeting” these amazing dreamers and dream doers and matching their success stories to their videos will inspire you to follow your own dream of working at what you love.

To your dreams,

Valerie Young
Dreamer in Residence

P.S. I have SO MUCH to share with you about how you can discover joyful, meaningful work. In fact you’ll receive a full hour of a personalized Profiting from Your Passion brainstorming session before you even arrive at the workshop.

But please understand, this is not me talking “at you” for three days.

The “Work at What You Love” Workshop and Retreat is about you rolling up your sleeves and with my expert guidance plus the support of a room full of enthusiastic dreamers — together we’ll craft a vision and a plan for you to experience the joy and control doing work that feeds your soul.

To learn more and to take advantage of the $375 SAVINGS that ENDS October 15th, go to now.


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