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Weather’s Effect on Entrepreneurs

The big news here, as much of the rest of the U.S., has been the weather. I was on vacation when Hurricane Irene hit. Fortunately the brook in front of my house was high but in no danger of flooding. The cloth placemats on my porch didn’t even blow off the table.

Not everyone of course was so lucky. Nearby Vermont was hardest hit with washed out roads causing dozens of communities to be completely cut off. A breached dam in Vermont also caused massive flooding in two areas I’d visited not two weeks before with a group of workshop participants.

The historic Deerfield Inn where the group had dinner is closed indefinitely after the entire first floor was submerged in water. West in Shelburne Falls flood waters washed over the Bridge of Flowers. The raging river picked up the building housing one woman’s quilting business and deposited it downstream. A vintage bookstore lost most of its inventory and several restaurants got hit hard. A few had flood insurance. Most did not.

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The Bridge of Flowers
before the storm

The flooding in the northeast, tornadoes in the mid-west, and the unrelenting heat and drought in Texas have hit small businesses and farmers especially hard. If you live near any of these areas please make a special point of supporting your local entrepreneurs.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money. If enough of us take just ten or twenty dollars we might have spent at a big chain store or restaurant and instead spend it locally, it can mean the difference between going on or of going under for many small businesses.

On a lighter note, the unusually rainy summer has spawned a huge harvest of mushrooms. On Sunday I took part in a mushroom identification walk through a local state reservation sponsored by my local Audubon society. Naturalist and artist Marty Klein (who I’ve dubbed the Mushroom Whisperer) not only has a vast knowledge of mushroom he’s also a really fun-gi.

And on the book front, I’ve come up with a fun way to reward people who pre-order three or more copies of The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women. All the details are at


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