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In the Life…

It’s getting darker earlier here – about 4:45pm. I can feel my entire energy shift with the change in light. Add in the cold, and all I want to do is sit in front of the fireplace with a good book.

Unfortunately I can’t do that full-time because I’m too busy marketing my own book. Since the last update, I’ve done four interviews for The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women. Two were for on-air radio shows, one for Yanik Silver’s Maverick 1000 club, and one for Maureen Anderson’s The Career Clinic show. I’m honored to be in such brilliant company.

I’m also just back from Las Vegas where my friend Ryan Lee organized two days of brainstorming and socializing with fellow entrepreneurs. On the first day, we took what was for me a repeat tour of Zappos. If you can take a tour, I highly recommend it. It will totally change how you think about work.

What other company do you know who has on staff a full-time life coach whose job it is to help employees achieve their goals outside of work? Here are a few of the outcomes that were written on the stairwell walls.

After the tour, we got to meet in one of the conference rooms to do some serious masterminding. These guys are all extremely accomplished and smart. But even the most successful people can get stuck in their world. What I LOVE most is brainstorming ideas and solutions.

Beau Blackwell, Client Knowledge Guru at Clickbank

Beau Blackwell, Client Knowledge Guru at Clickbank

All of their businesses are online. Several came up to me afterward to say I helped them think beyond the on-line world.
One guy who is huge in the fitness world wants to write a New York Times bestseller aimed exclusively at men. He was looking for input from the guys in the group on the title and overall direction.

Like I said, ideation is my thing. So men, women, on-line, off-line… it really doesn’t matter. It’s just a matter of using your creative mind to generate creative ideas and being willing to venture creatively outside of the box!

And speaking of getting outside the box…

I actually flew into Vegas a day early to sit in on a marketing workshop Ryan was leading. The positive energy in that room was off the charts. As I chatted with people in such diverse businesses as roofing, fitness, scrap booking, self-defense, motivation, and voice coaching for Grammy award winning singers, I thought “I wonder who my readers are hanging with this week?”

I ask because when you surround yourself with entrepreneurs, you put yourself in the company of what I call YES people.

Regardless of whether they’re just starting out or have been self-employed for years, entrepreneurs said yes to their dream, yes to stepping up to become their own boss, yes to moving ahead without knowing everything first, and yes to continually learning and growing.

So who did you hang out with last week? As importantly who will you spend time with this week?

Yes, I know that it’s Thanksgiving in America. But still, you can make a point to chat with a local business owner in a wine shop or join in a conversation with inspired entrepreneurs on Facebook or other social media. Who knows, you just might give them a great idea!

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or not, I am truly thankful for all of you.  And I’m honored that you continue to allow me to help you change course so you, too, can work at what you love.


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