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Blame It on Mexico

Blame it on Mexico!

After an amazing week in sunny Mexico with some of my best friends in the whole world, I have to admit –it was tough coming back to the cold.

Of course Cokie wasn’t happy to be left behind. At least he got to still enjoy one of this favorite treats – sweet potato skins.

Before I get to the vacation part I must say I love Mexican entrepreneurs! Ethical, encouraging of sales but not overly pushy, and evidence of their good humor was everywhere.

My favorite sign promised free margaritas all day tomorrow. Wonder how many gullible tourists come back only to find out the offer is only good tomorrow?

The 5000 square foot penthouse apartment was unbelievably gorgeous. Hammocks for everyone on the huge wrap around porch where we ate every meal.

A wonderful woman named Jenny not only cleaned for us (well, as much as five women who kept a tidy house would allow) but she cooked too. Where else can five people get a delicious authentic Mexican dinner for $50 total? She made so much food that it lasted nearly three meals!

We did some sight-seeing. But I could have just as easily hung out with Martha Beck’s new book on the private rooftop complete private lap pool. Full moon, star-filled sky, sound of the ocean waves, margarita… ahhh.

My friends and I joke that the biggest decision we had to make all week was, “Where to lounge… at the beach, in a hammock on the porch, on the roof deck…” Tough life.

Now do you see why I had such a hard time getting back into the swing of things?!

But I did dive back into work and with a bang!

An enthusiastic group of 32 people registered for the first ever live webinar version of the Profiting from Your Passions® career coaching training program which meant I had a lot of prepping to do.

The yearning to change course from having a boss to being your own boss is truly universal. Attendees in the 2012 class hail from as far away as India, Italy, the UK, and Australia. Some were attending literally in the middle of the night. Talk about dedication!

Apparently all my hard work paid off.

So far I’m hearing feedback like, “priceless,” “hidden gem,” “More than I could have asked for,” “divine weekend,” “it changed my life and inspired me AND my family,” “worth twice what I paid,” and “it’s clear that a tremendous about of work went into this program and I am so grateful.”

Little do they know it is I who am so grateful for them and for all of you.

The weekend intensive is over and the weekday class is completely sold out.

If you’d like to be added to future Advance Notification list, click here.

Stressed? Laugh it Out

By far though, the best part of my vacation was the company. Five old friends all coming together from different parts of the country for our own “Big Chill.”

One I’ve know since grammar school, another junior high school, and two from college. Laugh! Oh my God, did we laugh. Soooo good for the soul.

If you don’t believe me ask Rev. Susan Sparks.

After being a trial attorney for 10 years, Sparks felt called to the ministry. But she never lost her sense of humor. So in a fun example of combining multiple passions, Sparks joined a rabbi and a Muslim stand up comic on the Laugh in Peace tour.

“The church comes first,” Sparks says. “That said, both careers are a ministry… Laughter is holy gift we receive at birth, yet one we tend to lose over the years. My call is to encourage people to remember that gift through the pulpit and the punch lines.”

My trip was a good reminder that building laughter into our lives is as important as making time for exercise for recreation or, for that matter, work.

So my new morning ritual includes exercises while watching reruns of the Golden Girls. (Kind of like me and my girlfriends in Mexico!) I’d forgotten how laugh-out-loud – and in many ways, ground-breaking – that show was.

Where will you get your laughs this week?

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