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The Power of An Idea

The Power of An Idea

Changing Course is well… changing course!

My vision for the newsletter I founded in 1995 was reflected in its motto.

Live Life on Purpose
Work at What You Love
and Follow Your Own Road

I still seek to inspire those who know there is more to life than office politics and commuter traffic.

But first and foremost, I’m an Idea Person.

So is Ernie Zelinski, author of Real Success Without a Real Job. In fact, Ernie says creative thinking is the thing that helped him generate over a million dollars.

No wonder he refers to creativity as “the poor person’s wealth.”

It was this passion for generating creative ways to create your own job that led me to my new motto…


Over the span of 19 years, I’ve helped thousands of aspiring self-bossers just like you to connect the dots between what they love to do and how they can make money doing it. 

Once you arrive at a great idea – the kind that makes you with excitement – you’ll find something remarkable happens.

Suddenly the fear, procrastination, overwhelm, self-doubt and all the other dream killers suddenly take a back seat.

I’ve seen this with my own coaches, most of who are themselves starting a business for the first time.

Right now there’s a lot of entrepreneurial ideas flying around on the private Facebook group we set up for people currently enrolled in the Profiting from Your Passion® career coach training.

It inspires me every day to see this international community of “Opportunity Detectives” in action.

That’s why starting today, I’m launching a new series designed to help you – and all 27,000 Changing Course readers – to find and grow your own Great Idea! 

In fact, many of the fascinating ways to turn interests into income you’ll see in this new series come directly from these inspiring coaches.

In This Post

Great Idea #1: Play the Name Game

Have a knack for coming up with cool business names? Now you can get paid to do it.

namingforceTraditionally a company or entrepreneur in search of a cool name for their enterprise, initiative, or product had to hire a pricey ad agency.

Enter Naming Force.

This online naming agency gathers names from registered members (U.S. residents/18 and over) and then uses crowd sourcing to help select the best name for their clients.

Here are a few examples of recent winning names:

  • Thumbs Up! for a don’t text and drive campaign
  • Cordinazer for a cord management system
  • Meter Mate for a parking meter payment app

If the name you submitted gets selected, you receive a cash award.

You can also get a cool name for your own website or product for as little as $100. Since the right name can make or break a business, I’d say that’s money well spent.

Learn more or register here.


Great Idea #2: Get Packing

getpackingThe majority of parents scramble to scrape together enough money to send their kid to summer camp.

Turns out, wealthy parents have a different problem – finding the time to pack their child’s bag for summer camp.

So they’re paying personal organizers up to $1,000 to pack their kid’s bag for them.

If you happen to live near a city or affluent suburb with a greater number of people in the higher income bracket, then you really only need to find 5-10 clients to make a nice chunk of summer cash.

And if parents will pay to ready their youngster for summer camp, can packing their college-bound teens be far behind?

Great Idea #3: Get Paid to Teach

Do you love to share your knowledge or expertise, but don’t know how to attract students?


Maybe you’ve already thought about making money tutoring people on things like math, chemistry, reading, or academic test preparation.

Or perhaps teaching others how to play an instrument, cook healthy meals, do improv, or learn a second language.

The problem of course, is finding enough students to pay you!

That’s where Take Lessons comes in.

This free teacher-student matching service allows teachers to post a free profile so your local, in-home, or online class can be found by the thousands of students who visit the site every day.

When students sign up, you receive 75% of student fees.

Plus you get mobile tools, marketing resources, and live, online lesson options to increase your reach even more.

Since Take Lessons began in 2006 the company has paid out more than $21 million dollars to its teachers.

So, what are you waiting for? Go teach something!

Free or Low Cost Dream Launchers

#1 New Book Offers Recipe for Success [Limited Free Copies Available]

Launch is the title of my friend, mentor, and former stay-at-home dad Jeff Walker’s new book.

The subtitle pretty much says it all…

An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula
To Sell Almost Anything Online,
Build A Business You Love, And
Live The Life Of Your Dreams

If this sounds like hype, I assure you it is not.

In Launch Jeff outlines the exact process used by over 10,000 people around the world to start or grow a successful online business.

Using case studies of real people who used his high-end product launch formula program (PLF), Jeff lays out the actual steps you need to create your own product or service, find interested consumers, and turn them into enthusiastic buyers.

People have used PLF in every type of market and niche you can think of and realized tremendous success.

In fact, it’s almost become a hobby of Jeff’s to keep track of many of those markets. Here’s just a partial list of some of the markets:

  • dating advice
  • test preparation
  • Photoshop tutorials
  • loan officers
  • realtors
  • juggling
  • college admissions
  • baseball coaches
  • mixed martial arts
  • SAP programmers
  • knitting
  • crocheting
  • dog training
  • mutual fund investing
  • trading (forex, futures, stocks, etc)
  • dressage
  • real estate investing
  • learning guitar
  • training doctors to read ultrasounds
  • business coaching (around the world)
  • raw food
  • massage therapy
  • romance (writing love letters)
  • personal trainers
  • medicinal herbs
  • fiction writing
  • horse training
  • learning piano
  • dog agility training
  • marching band accessories
  • tennis instruction
  • yoga
  • youth soccer coaching
  • pet care
  • songwriting
  • health food
  • hand analysis
  •  meditation
  • brain science
  • self-defense

There’s another reason I know Jeff’s launch formula works. I used it.

For years I resisted spending more than a hundred dollars here and there on marketing. Then, on the recommendation of a trusted and extremely successful entrepreneur, I bit the bullet and bought Jeff’s program.

I followed the formula exactly. Not only did it work just the way Jeff said it would, but I generated more revenue in six months than I had in the previous six years – combined.

You don’t have to spend the kind of money I did to master the product launch formula.

Because in an effort to generate pre-book buzz for Launch, Jeff is giving away a limited number of copies – for free. You get:

  • The exact formula that Jeff’s students have used to generate more than $500 million in sales in hundreds of markets.
  • The 9 weapons of mass influence that cause people to BUY (they’ll be the cornerstone of your successful launch)
  • How to use the Seed Launch to get paid BEFORE you even start your business (or create a product)

Plus you also get some amazing bonuses.

Whether you already have a business or are just getting started Launch truly is your recipe book for success.

As legendary entrepreneur and star of Shark Tank Daymond John said,

“Surround yourself with a team of advisors [who] have the same agenda. Do homework. Research every single thing that you are doing. Take affordable next steps. Take a step forward, learn and then repeat.”

If I could pick just one advisor in the entire world it would be Jeff Walker.

#2 Tap Into Insane Income Working from Home

shandabannerThere really is a way for you to work from home, make good money, and actually have a life.

Here’s my personal endorsement.  I know Shanda Sumpter. A few years ago I hopped a plane to California to co-create a product with her and have personally witnessed how she has built a business that gives her true freedom.

Shanda doesn’t just pitch it; she’s someone who has figured out a formula that works for any business that produces a lot of FREE TIME!

Put it this way…


Shanda does triathlons which means she works out 17 hours a week (and it shows!).

She also takes off every third week, checks out over December to go skiing in Canada and spend the holidays with her family.

She also has a full staff, makes millions of dollars, and is extremely determined to show you how to build your business so that you can “HAVE a bigger LIFE”!

She’s also one of the most genuine people I know.

Here’s what Shanda is doing that I think you should check out.

Making money and having money should give you freedom. There IS a way that you can set yourself up for that.

Most free giveaways are TRAPS to get you to buy something.

I promise you this ISN’T. Anything offered on this Free Training is well worth your time and investment.

Plus, you don’t have to buy anything to attend and learn.

Go here now to REGISTER for Shanda’s Exposed Livestream Training.

And get ready to live a Bigger Life!

The Bottom Line

Finally, if you really want to change course there are two super important things you need to know about business ideas.

1)   Embrace the liberating power of multiple streams of income

I wasted a lot of years searching for that one Big Idea that would generate enough income to completely replace my corporate salary.

But once I turned my attention to building smaller profit centers, over time I not only matched my former salary, I far surpassed it.

2)   Think small

Everyone is so hung up on how they’re going to make their first $50,000-$100,000 that they don’t do anything.

What if instead you focused on making your first $500 or $1,000?

The fact is if you can make $500 or $1,000 a month, then you can figure out how to grow that into significantly more.

But you have to start — somewhere. So let it be here!

Want to Be a Changing Course Opportunity Detective!

Have you come across a cool business idea or income-generating resource you’d like to share? Send it to

Better yet – share it here on the Changing Course blog!


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