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Work at What You Love Workshop Idea

The workshop model worked beautifully in Ecuador where it was half-day workshop and half-day fun excursion.

I’m considering adding on a day or two to this summer’s retreat here in Montague so we can drop in on more local entrepreneurs and do other fun stuff.

Here’s the question – This will the only other workshop I’ll be holding in 2011. Do you think I should keep the price the same OR since I’m adding an extra day or two do you think it’s reasonable to increase the price accordingly?

Voice your opinion below.

Join Our Next Work at What You Love: Profiting from Your Passions® Retreat, April 26-May 2 – in Ecuador!

We’re holding our next  Work at What You Love: Profiting from Your Passions® Retreat in Ecuador.

We’ll visit the Equator, hike to a sacred waterfall in the Andes, and participate in a shamanic purification ceremony…

We’ll go shopping for beautiful indigenous handicrafts, tour Quito – Ecuador’s beautiful capital, explore a lake in the crater of a volcano by boat, and take advantage of cheap massages, delicious meals, and luxury accommodation…

…all while learning powerful secrets to design a dream lifestyle paid for by doing work that you love – without a job, boss, or commute!

This is a fantastic opportunity to step out of your routine, and into your wildest dreams – from the clarity and perspective of the Andes Mountains.

You’ll come home recharged and excited about your life. Even better, you’ll have a realistic action plan and all the tools and support you need to get started living a new page in your life that’s both profitable and fulfilling!

What does it cost?


But you’ll need to act fast!

Read more about our Work at What You Love: Profiting from Your Passions® Ecuador Retreat here:

AND if you are among the first 3 people to register, I will personally write you a check for $100.

You can use it any way you like…

Get 5 relaxing massages while you’re in Ecuador (yes you really can get a massage for $20!)…

Shop for fabulous South American leather goods…

Put it toward your flight…

How you use the money I’ll pay you doesn’t matter.

What does matter is this offer is limited to the first 3 people.

What are you waiting for? Learn more here:

Virtual “Work at What You Love” Weekend Workshop

Post your comments here!

Dreams take Action.  Take action and save over $1300.

I know you want to work at what you love.

I am guessing that money is tight.

I know, too, that if you’re not a big traveler, then coming to a live event by yourself can feel daunting.

So, here’s what I’d like to do…

If you watched the heartfelt videos from people who’ve attended one of my previous “Work at What You Love” workshop & retreat…

The ones where one person after another… after another… looked you in the eye and told you point blank:

“If you really want to find a way to make a living doing what you love —
then you HAVE to find a way to come to this AMAZING retreat!”

If you read the true-life success stories of people like Gail, Serena, Judy, Ashley, and others who literally in a matter of MONTHS, have made incredible progress on their dreams — with several actually quitting their j-o-b-s…

And you’re STILL on the fence about attending the upcoming “Work at What You Love” Workshop & Retreat because of money or worries about traveling on your own…

I have some really good new!

I’ve come up with a way to help you realize your dream of working at what you love… have more fun doing it.. and SAVE OVER $1,300.

In few weeks, an intentionally very small group of people (no more than eight) will gather in my living room in the hills of western Massachusetts.

And I want you to be one of them.

The people who have already signed up know how vitally necessary it is to really slow down and tune into their dreams in a deeply intimate way.

But mostly they come seeking the answer to the essential question they — and YOU – have been asking forever…

“How can I do work that I love AND make money?”

Whether you want to totally replace your mind-numbing job. Or just find a creative way to bring in an extra three or four figures a month on the side…

Either way, like I said, I’d like to extend a unique opportunity for you and a friend to attend the November 12-14, 2010 workshop at an enormous savings.

Normally the 3-day workshop including materials, most meals, and a private, pre-workshop coaching session with me (which alone can run as high as $1200) — is $1497.

But when you sign up for the “Work at What You Love” workshop & retreat — you can bring…

…a friend
…your spouse or partner
…a buddy from work
…your mom
…your brother
…your cousin
…your postal carrier
…the server at Starbucks…

WHOEVER you want for only $197 extra.

If you both paid separately, the two workshop seats would cost just under $3,000. But when you sign up together, your companion can attend the retreat for only $197 more.

That’s an automatic total savings of $1,300!

Assuming you split the savings, you and your companion are attending the entire retreat for only $847 each.

When you consider that I charge close to that for a few hours of personal coaching, I think you’re agree this is a remarkable offer.

Plus, since you’re sharing hotel and other travel expenses, your total savings is actually much higher.

I hope this offer to save you over $1,300 — and give you an excuse to share your journey with a friend or loved one gets you off the fence and onto the road to right livelihood.

Register here now:

As Margaret Bourke White once wrote, “Action stops fear.”

So call your friend and tell them you’ve found a way you can BOTH work at what you love!

To your dreams,

Valerie Young
Dreamer in Residence

P.S. There are so few times in our life when a decision really can make the difference between living life as it is… or as you wish it to be. This is one of those times.

To learn more about how you and a friend can be among the only 8 people to attend the live November 12-14, 2010 “Work at What You Love” workshop & retreat and SAVE over $1300 visit:

P.P.S. I am very sincere when I say, if I can help you brainstorm other creative ways for you to attend “Work at What You Love,” please don’t hesitate to reach out.

“Work at What You Love” Workshop & Retreat

November 5-7, 2010* Montague, Massachusetts

(For Maximum Benefit & Attention This Event is Limited 8 People Only)

If the idea of loving what you do appeals to you, make a promise to yourself right now to take the first bold step on behalf of your dreams. Join me at my home in November where you and a very small group of fellow dream seekers will…

  • Discover the powerful secrets to turning almost any passion into a money-making small business
  • Receive personalized coaching from an acclaimed expert to help you to define your true calling… overcome obstacles… so you can begin to take the leap from having a boss to being your own boss…
  • Walk away with your own step-by-step plan to make your dream of working at what you love a reality — and the support to follow through…

Give Yourself The Time And Space You Need To Tune Out The “Noise” Of Your World As It Is And Tune Into Your Wildest Dreams…

Come as you are… leave with your dream — and a plan in hand. I could go on and on about this amazing event. Instead, I’ll let the a few of the people who were there tell you what they thought…

Only 6 Spots Left!

If Past Retreats Are Any Indication, This Event Will SELL OUT To hear from more change seekers and to learn about how this highly personalized workshop/retreat can help you profit from your passion and achieve your goal of a richer, more rewarding life CLICK HERE NOW.

George Eliot wrote, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” Isn’t it time you finally made the commitment to discover the work you were meant to do? November 12-14th Montague, MA Click Here to Learn More

* Love to Attend But Can’t Travel? Register for the Virtual Work at What You Love Workshop

December 3-5, 2010

Since I began offering these retreats in my home last year, I’ve heard from hundreds of people who would LOVE to be there. Unfortunately because of work, family, health, and/or funds they simply can’t get to a live event. I don’t want anyone left out of what truly is a transformative experience. When you watch the video and read the true success stories from the “In the Garden” section here — you’ll see for yourself! So I’ve put together a highly convenient and affordable “virtual” workshop! Click here to learn more. When you attend the Virtual Work at What You Love workshop you’ll still get the full benefit of being coached personally by me on interesting ways you can turn the things you love to do into income (this portion of the program alone represents up to a $1500 value). Plus, you also still gain all of the support, encouragement, and input that comes from working pursing your dream with a small group of determined change seekers… people who often see your gifts before you do! Spaces are still limited. Learn more here


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