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“How Do I Find My Calling?”


Since escaping her corporate job in 1995 to found Changing Course
“Dreamer in Residence” Dr. Valerie Young’s career advice has
appeared around the world…

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The 5 Hidden Places to Look for Income-Generating Ideas

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Praise for Changing Course

I receive many newsletters and this is hands down my favorite. It is truly filled with useful and inspiring information, not just fill and fluff. ~ Mary Anderson

Thanks for your wonderful newsletter. This is absolutely the most helpful newsletter I have ever received! The information is inspiring as well as practical. It’s wonderful to see someone who is actively following their passion. ~ Barbara Garland

After reading your newsletter, I always feel so much more confident to break out of this corporate prison and live my life doing what I was truly meant to do. My confidence grows more and more with each newsletter. Please keep them coming! ~ Jennifer Schulden

I love reading the information that you share and want to say THANKS for what you do. I am a corporate refugee and I have been seeking to find other methods for living without a JOB. I do have a JOB at the moment but I would love to be doing other things. Anyhow, your newsletter inspires and excites me. Thanks for what you do. ~ Barney Mayse

Your newsletter has kept me going for over a year at my j-o-b, and I am sure it had something to do with my decision to accept a redundancy and just leave it, without quite knowing what to do next. I don’t think I would have done it had I not known that it was possible to make a living following dreams!! ~ Armelle from Ireland




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