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Work at What You Love Virtual Retreat – Priority List


Join Internationally-Acclaimed
Career Expert Dr. Valerie Young for

“Work @ What You Love”

A Powerful Virtual
Weekend Workshop


  • Discover your calling… so you can have the life you were meant to live

  • Learn the powerful secrets for how to get paid to do what you love – even if you’re a “scanner”

  • Step out of your routine and into your wildest dreams where you can get a new perspective on where you want to be this time next year

  • Learn from someone who built two six-figure businesses working from home what it really takes to live life on your own terms

  • Burst into Monday recharged, with the action plan you need to create the more balanced and rewarding lifestyle you’ve only dreamed of

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A New Direction

I decided to work with Valerie when I grew tired of feeling like I was drowning in fear and self-doubt. I was not moving forward at all in my business. I was letting everyone else in the marketplace tell the story of how my business should operate. But I knew I had a different vision and perspective. I was desperate for someone who could take what I already knew and make some sense of it and guide me to a new direction. 

I decided to take the Work @ What You Love Workshop and also work one-on-one with Valerie. The workshop explored so many unusual and unexpected solutions to my specific questions. I made so many new connections to what clearly works for me in creating my own income, and I learned there are wide opportunities existing out there if you ask the right questions, make decisions, and create a plan. This was the best way for me to get unstuck.

Thank you so much, Valerie, for sharing so many tools, insights, and ways of thinking that have made a difference to me, my business, and life.    

Julia Raymond
Curvology Studio


A great start to help organize your thinking if you’re is interested in starting your own business. Inspirational!

Sandhya Walpole, MA

Create an Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

The workshop teaches you the skills and way of thinking you need to create an entrepreneurial lifestyle and work that fits who you are.

Nina Summer Fort Collins, CO

Finally Feel like I am on My New Life Journey

Insightful ways of figuring out what you are good at, what you love and solid ideas for how to make a living out of it. Thank you for encouraging me to wait for the live workshop. I finally feel like I am on my new life journey. Before all this, I didn't even know where to start!

Julianne Thornton Warwick, RI

Realistic, Logical and Straight Forward

Valerie is very passionate about her work and with helping people attain their dreams. The workshop was realistic, logical and straight forward about what you can do and how to go about doing it. It was full of great information.

Barbara Brizzolari, Agawam, MA

Change the Way You View the World

I was looking for ideas to where to take my handwriting analysis business and the workshop gave me great ideas to move forward with this. If you want to start to think differently about your business ideas, this workshop is a great place to do it. It makes you look at things differently, to open your world up and it will change the way you view the world. Valerie gave so much great information to move forward

Shelley Porters Lake, Nova Scotia

The Workshop was Very Insightful

Valerie's workshop and laser session is just what I needed to make real decisions about how I can do what I love. Learning how to break down the steps into manageable pieces that are not overwhelming is the key to being able to keep moving forward. The workshop was very insightful in that hearing other attendee questions also helped me learn and focus on what I want to do.

Sherry Trebes Cincinnati, OH

Thanks for Letting Me Know that there are Options

I came up with 11 possible streams of income. Most of them won't make much money, but combined they should be good enough. I’m 65 and just quit my job and I feel better than I have in 5 years. Getting out of a toxic environment will do that! And I wouldn't have had the courage to do it if I hadn't subscribed to your newsletter all these years. I knew I had other ways to make money other than a job. Thanks for letting me and other people know that there are options.

Donna Bossier City, LA

Workshop Led Me to Make a Choice

I was hoping to gain some clarity on choosing a direction. I had 2 possible avenues as far as job/career choices that I was considering, both very different and was stuck about what I should pursue and lacked any motivation to do anything about it. The workshop led me to make a choice. l felt motivated after it, and realized that I needed to make a plan that would support me.

Claudia, Seattle, WA

New ways to Look at My Business

It gave me some new ways to look at my business and new tools I can use for myself and clients. The workshop offers a two-day look at what your top passions are and how to look at turning them into potential profit centers.  It’s an opportunity to get not only excellent business tools, but tools that can be applied to your everyday life. Work at What You Love will generate some very probing questions you ask yourself.

C. Long Tucson, AZ

Informative, Practical, Encouraging, and Very Helpful

This workshop was informative, practical, encouraging, and very helpful.  It includes step by step assistance for changing the course of your life to work at what you love! The course met all my expectations.  Now it's my job to use the tools for ongoing success.

Nora Bolton, Ontario

Creative, Realistic, and Fun

Creative, realistic, and fun recommendations If you’re looking to find work that you love and align it with your lifestyle, start with this workshop.

Ray Newton, MA

I Felt Very Encouraged

I felt very encouraged - and will continue to explore my ideas. I was hoping to solidify my direction, but I'm okay with just knowing the next few steps toward figuring it out. Valerie is terrific! I'd love the opportunity to work with her in-person.

Tina Harwich, MA

Exceeded My Expectations

I've attended online "seminars" before but this was the first 2-day workshop. It was very engaging and really well done. I have to say it exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much!

Martha Elliott Brockton, MA

Workshop Shows Other Options

It met my expectations as I decided that even if I couldn't find 'the one and only idea' I would use a presentable idea to move through the material.  That worked out very well and really helped me to see options and helped me to make better use of the workshop materials. The workshop is an opportunity, especially for 50+ men and women, to realize there are options other than holding onto a job they despise but need desperately.

Linda Toledo, OH

Valerie was Extremely Knowledgeable

Valerie was extremely knowledgeable and I liked her style. She had good suggestions for folks, and I also liked the inclusion of real examples from people she's known or worked with. I also thought she was very professional in being open, receptive and respectful about all the different paths people had chosen or were considering.

Claudia Seattle, WA

Practical seminar

This is a practical seminar that encourages out-of-the-box thinking for getting your dreams out of your head and into reality. Realizing that others have implemented their dreams and ideas empowers a person to do more than just think about things. New mental connections and ways of taking steps allows a person to move from wisher to achiever. It provided me the encouragement that I needed to go forward.

Jacqui Austin Federal Way, WA

Valerie is a wealth of information

The workshop far exceeded my expectations. My goal was to get "UNSTUCK" which I have been working on for a while. Valerie's Part 4 - "Getting Unstuck Before You Get Stuck & Getting Support" was extraordinary.  She has all the tools for everyone right on the tip of her tongue. Valerie is truly the guru for figuring out what your passion is and then giving you the tools to build an "entrepreneurial" business to support your goals and dreams.

Linda Joy

I'm very grateful

This was a very affordable alternative for me and I'm very grateful for it. I wanted to learn how to take my ideas to the next level. The workshop absolutely met and exceeded expectations and gave me a thorough methodology for every step along the path. I'm excited to be getting the recording so I can reinforce what I've learned and apply it.


The value was incredible

Excellent! I am so grateful I had this experience! I am turning 48 years old and I am in a soul-sucking job. Thankfully I got rid of my two hour a day commute to NYC last year, which was a step in the right direction. However, there is no way I can or will continue to be a corporate rat for 15 more years. UGH.

I wanted to gain direction from the workshop - to believe that this can happen. My goal is to be a humor writer and live a simple life that is MINE. I had hoped the workshop would help me take action toward transitioning out of the rat race. This met that expectation big time and made me believe that it isn't only something others can achieve!

The materials were much more than I envisioned in depth and scope. The value for the money was incredible, and you absolutely "over delivered."


A wonderful opportunity

This workshop was beyond my expectations. Every one received an overabundance of information. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring your passions and dreams to the table, learn how to give them life and a voice and action; and add marketing to create streams of income.

Sharee Schrader

Full of ideas

Valerie's course is full of ideas on where to discover income opportunities where we would not have looked. She has a unique real-world perspective that she communicates through her workshop and presents the material in a fun and lively manner. It was a pleasure to attend her seminar.

I was hoping to find ways to market several start up business ideas and this seminar helped me brainstorm several creative ways to do that. The “Getting Paid” sections were particularly beneficial because they taught me how to turn my interests into money-making ventures. I’d recommend this to anyone that I would come across that has an idea or simply doesn't know where to begin to start a business venture. The course helps you learn how to turn your interests and skills into a business that can be profitable. It opens your mind to seeing an opportunity where you never knew existed.

Eros Rosario

I have a whole toolbox

I appreciate that it was very nuts-n-bolts rather than pie in the sky, but still keeping with the idea of possibilities. That's a difficult balance to achieve, I think, and Valerie has that mastered. 

My goal was to get motivated to make the next steps, to hear from someone who has done what I yearn to do, to build a plan that I can execute against, however slowly, so that I don't dread going to work tomorrow morning.

The workshop met and exceeded my expectations in that, although my plan is rough, I have a whole toolbox on how to make it better… like the exercise where we took the interests and created various scenarios by combining them in different ways. I intend to use those to further develop ideas for profit centers.


Exceeded my expectations

It is clear Valerie has a lot of experience & information to impart. Her ideas & exercises really are great food for thought and she has a lot of detail to add to them. I've been retired from corporate America for 11 years now and have dabbled in a few things that align with my passions (food, entertaining, travel). This really helping me to think out of the box and the "multiple streams of income" concept was worth the price of admission alone! It offers an out of the box approach to thinking about work & how to sustain an income source for the rest of your life.

Kari Rafello

I highly recommend

Dr. Young has provided a wealth of information and website suggestions of which I was not aware. I've learned late in life that when you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work. If you want or need guidelines to know how to monetize your passion for profit I highly recommend Dr. Valerie Young's Work at What You Love course… the knowledge you gain will be priceless.

Doris Bailey

A wealth of knowledge

Valerie has such a gift for inspiring not only the desire, but the "how-to" jump in and begin things in order to change your course and start earning money right away. I can see earning potential around every corner now and the cost of the virtual workshop is small enough to earn it back with the multiple income streams that are generated. I have more ideas than I know what to do with! Plus, a wealth of knowledge, or where to get it, for coming up with monetizing the ideas I had.

Cynthia Beden

Over the top value!

I was amazed with the amount of content you supplied and stepped us through. The workshop exceeded my expectations - I now have tools that I will use time and time again as I try to implement the ideas in my scanner brain. I felt like I was learning from a friend.


Walked away with a new perspective

I was inspired and walked away with a new perspective and better understanding of how I can custom design my life! I really benefitted from the immediate gratification of knowing that I am SO not alone in believing life's work passion is possible in this soul-selling, work-a-holic, 9-5 mentality we call "livelihood."


Way more than I expected

This was way more than I expected and I am excited about moving forward with some of my ideas! When I started this workshop, I had no ideas at all. By the end, I believe I had documented at least 15 ideas that I can explore. Very excited!


This is the best I've seen

I've seen several sets of coaching material for this kind of endeavor, and I think this is the best I've seen – the most succinct yet thorough. The workshop marches you through in a clear, thoughtful, practical way to identify what it is you want to do, and have clear and well-thought out questions/tools to follow through and get going.

Dawn Lybarger

This brought me some new ideas

I was hoping to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up before I am retirement age, and this brought me some new ideas and helped me remember and substantiate some ideas I have had for a while. The workshop helped jog my brain of some things that I forgot and some things I had never thought of. Sometimes it is very hard to think of all the steps individually and the workshop helped to break them down.


Don’t let fear hold you back, Valerie is awesome!

The workshop went beyond my expectation, so much to do and think about and learn. The workshop gave me permission to move forward.

I could go on and on about the awesome virtual weekend workshop but I would not change one thing. Valerie has opened my mind and thought process to an entrepreneurial level I had never been to before. She has given information to process one’s life for change.

The investment value is priceless. Don't let fear hold you back, Valerie is awesome!

Olney, MD

An eye opening online workshop

Valerie over delivered with information and tools to jump start your dream. This was an eye opening online workshop on how you can create income with you gifts and passion!

Asheville, NC

Came away with 15 ideas!

When I started this workshop, I had no ideas at all. By the end of the webinar, I believe I had documented at least 15 ideas that I can explore. Very excited!

Sandy Hutchinson
Miamisburg, OH

Very nuts-n-bolts vs. pie in the sky

My goal in taking the virtual workshop was to get motivated to make the next steps, to hear from someone who has done what I yearn to do, to build a plan that I can execute against, so that I don't dread going to work tomorrow morning.

Valerie presented the material an easy to understand way. I appreciate that it is very nuts-n-bolts rather than pie in the sky, but still keeping with the idea of possibilities. That's a difficult balance to achieve, and Valerie has that mastered.

Hackettstown, NJ

I found some hidden passions!

Valerie is a great presenter with a personal, conversational style. Virtual workshop information is well organized and complete. I came away with more ideas than anticipated and many resources to discover their viability and potential success. Plus I found some hidden passions.

Appreciated Valerie's clear, relaxed delivery with targeted information and handouts that I can continue to use when fleshing out new ideas.

Salt Lake City, UT

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